Food Lion Case Ties for Largest Verdict in Gloucester County History: $5 Million

Attorney: P. Christopher Guedri

Virginia personal injury lawyer Christopher Guedri represented Ella Cousins, who was a 64 year old gainfully employed college graduate and a long time resident of Gloucester County. On August 11, 2006 she was shopping at the Food Lion in the Gloucester Courthouse area. While pushing her shopping cart down the main aisle, she was struck by a stock cart of freight being pushed in her direction by a Food Lion employee.

The collision knocked her to the ground and she struck her head on the concrete floor. She developed a large subdural hematoma and sustained a massive traumatic brain injury. Ms. Cousins was left with profound cognitive and intellectual loss to a degree that she by all accounts needs 24 hour care and supervision around the clock. For the last six and a half years this care has been provided by her daughter and granddaughter because the family could not afford the $200,000 annual cost of professional assistance.

Esta mujer con estudios universitarios que, según los expertos, tenía una inteligencia normal antes del accidente, ahora tiene un coeficiente intelectual de 69 y está profundamente afectada en todos los ámbitos de la función cognitiva.

El caso se juzgó inicialmente en enero de 2010. Food Lion admitió que su empleado fue negligente, pero afirmó que la Sra. Cousins debería haber visto el carrito y salirse del camino y, por lo tanto, afirmó que tuvo negligencia contributiva. El juicio resultó en un veredicto de la defensa y el jurado concluyó que ella era en parte responsable del accidente.

El Sr. Guedri apeló el caso ante la Corte Suprema de Virginia y se le concedió un auto. La Corte Suprema de Virginia revocó los casos y lo remitió para un nuevo juicio.

The retrial was held in Gloucester County January 29 – 31, 2013 and resulted in a $5,000,000 verdict in favor of Ms. Cousins. This is believed to tie the largest jury verdict of any case tried in this county.

P. Christopher Guedri is an experienced personal injury lawyer with the law firm of Allen & Allen. He has handled complicated casos de responsabilidad de locales, casos de accidentes de autobús, Casos de accidentes de tractores y remolques y casos de lesiones cerebrales across Virginia and the United States. In a career spanning over 30 years, he has been recognized by his peers as a superb litigator, Chris ha sido incluido en el libro Los mejores abogados de Estados Unidos since 1997 and is ranked in Virginia Super Lawyers. He is AV Peer Rated by Martindale Hubbell. More recently, he was inducted into the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, an organization of attorneys who are elected to membership based on their reputation for excellence.


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