Contributory negligence alleged in aggravation of back injury $235,000 Settlement

By Virginia Lawyers Weekly
Published: February 7, 2011

Contributory negligence was at issue in this automobile accident case. Plaintiff suffered aggravation to pre-existing low back degeneration that had been operated on previously.


Tipo de acción: Automobile accident
Lesiones alegadas: Aggravation to pre-existing low back degeneration
Nombre del caso: Confidencial
Probado antes: Mediación
Mediador: Stanley Klein
Fecha: Jan. 3, 2011
Daños especiales: $58,000
Veredicto o acuerdo: Asentamiento
Monto: $235,000
Abogado del demandante: Douglas A. Barry, Fredericksburg
Attorney for defendant: Heather Brown
Plaintiff’s expert: Dr. Robert Squillante, Orthopedics

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