Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: An Enigmatic Enemy

In my years as a Virginia personal injury attorney I’ve helped clients with a dizzying array of injuries and medical conditions. It always saddens me when I see someone whose suffering could have been mitigated if their condition had been diagnosed in time.

One client, a State Trooper, fell victim to misfortune and a defective product. After slashing his finger to the bone on a hubcap, he developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and watched helplessly as his right hand curled and warped into a misshapen claw-like appendage. This injury ended his career as a state trooper.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRPS, is a chronic, progressive disease characterized by intense pain and swelling. It generally begins with a small injury, after which the blood flow to the region is compromised. The actual cause of a small trauma advancing to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is not well understood. As the disease progresses the skin and bones become irreversibly warped. In most cases this eventually leads to the affected limb being rendered all but useless.

The key to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is catching the disease early. If treatment begins within two or three months of the first symptoms, there is some chance that the limb will retain some functionality through physical therapy and drug treatments. However, if the condition goes undiagnosed for too long it is all but impossible to wrest back any function whatsoever. After a few months, most treatments will be largely ineffective.

Sadly it is too late for my client. He will deal with the complications of his condition for the rest of his life. But it is my hope that by educating people about this disease we can prevent others from being so drastically affected.

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