Betty from Sharps, VA

After being involved in a auto collision, causing personal injury and totaling my car, I contacted the attorney in the Northern Neck that we use for all legal matters.  He referred me to Ryan Wind.  Ryan drove to the Northern Neck to meet with me and my local attorney and at that time agreed to manage my case.

Ryan is an extraordinary lawyer.  He was very thorough.  He kept me well informed with each step of building my case, as well as what I should expect to occur next.  Ryan gave me the impression that my case was his only case and he treated the case as if it was worth a million dollars.

When we went to trial Ryan took great care to prepare me for what to expect.  At the actual trial he was connected with me but also with everything that was happening in the courtroom.  Nothing slipped by him.  When the opposing counsel made inappropriate remarks to try and damage my case, Ryan immediately stepped in to protect my rights.  These simple remarks from opposing counsel may have escaped another attorney, but not Ryan…he was totally conscience of every aspect of the trial as well as the atmosphere in the court room.

I was very satisfied with the outcome and my verdict.  I would absolutely refer anyone to Ryan who needs a lawyer.  I am certain that he would treat every client with the same care and attention that he gave me.