Allen & Allen brings sustenance to COVID-19 vaccination site

Located in a vacant K-Mart parking lot in Charlottesville, health care professionals are working hard to administer COVID-19 vaccines. Working out of a large tent to shield them from the elements, winter weather has not slowed down the effort.

Allen & Allen visits vaccination site

Vaccination site worker Richita Bashyal (pictured left) and Sarah Hallett of Allen & Allen

Richita Bashyal is helping to lead the team, though still a student herself. She graciously accepted Allen & Allen’s breakfast delivery from Panera. Though donations have come in from various companies, the sight of coffee brought unprecedented excitement on that that chilly morning. The firm also provided gift bags, filled with essentials such as hand sanitizer, pens and snacks.

covid vaccination site

There is also a security presence at the site, including military personnel, concrete barricades and large signage alerting people that vaccines are not stored on-site. According to Bashyal, the general public has attempted to acquire the vaccine, regardless of not having an appointment or even being a 1B priority, which is the phase that all Virginia counties are at. To see a list of who currently qualifies in the 1B category, please click aquí. For details on the planned rollout, click aquí.

Allen & Allen goodie bags

Allen y Allen supports the hard work of our health care heroes, who are working on the front lines to combat this deadlly virus. Whether in the ICU, at medical labs or at vaccination sites, we salute all advocates of public safety. Thank you for your dedication and tenacity throughout this historic event!