Does Virginia Require Me to Have Car Insurance?

Does Virginia Require Me to Have Car Insurance?

Mechanicsville, VA based personal injury attorney Ryan E. Wind answers the question: “Do I have to have car insurance in Virginia?” and discusses why auto insurance is important.

Insurance Requirements in Virginia

My name is Ryan Wind, and I’m a trial attorney at Allen and Allen. Often I’ve been asked “do I have to have car insurance in Virginia?” Technically no, but if you choose not to have automobile insurance then you have to pay a $500 fee every year.

You Should Have Auto Insurance

It is important to have automobile insurance because it protects you in two different situations. One situation is when you cause a collision; the automobile insurance protects you so you will not be personally liable for the claim brought against you. If the driver at fault does not have sufficient coverage or does not have coverage at all, you can use your own automobile insurance to compensate you for your injuries. The saddest thing I see in my practice is when a client is seriously injured and there’s not enough insurance coverage. The person that caused the accident either isn’t insured or does not have enough insurance to fully compensate my client, and the client does not have adequate insurance to compensate for the lack of coverage by the party at fault. Do not rely on other drivers to have insurance, make sure you protect yourself.

About The Speaker: Ryan Wind is a personal injury attorney with the law firm of Allen Allen Allen & Allen. Ryan’s office is located in Mechanicsville and his practice is focused on personal injury, wrongful death and premises liability.