Wrongful Death – $1.6M

Location: Confidential
Injuries: Wrongful Death
Settlement: $1,625,000

This medical malpractice/wrongful death case arose out of medical care that Jane Doe received at a Virginia hospital. Mrs. Doe was admitted to the defendant hospital for treatment of pancreatitis. Her prior medical history included insulin-dependent diabetes, lupus, Chron’s disease, acute renal failure, hypothyroidism, migraine headaches, and hypertension. Mrs. Doe’s pancreatitis improved during a week-long hospital stay and the plan was for her to be discharged. Sadly, the evening prior to her discharge, a nursing error occurred related to the administration of insulin for Mrs. Doe’s diabetes. As a result of this negligence as well as a failure to aggressively monitor Mrs. Doe throughout the evening, her glucose level was allowed to fall to 12, a potentially fatal value. When the error was discovered, Mrs. Doe was in a diabetic coma. She remained on life support for the next month and was declared brain dead. Mrs. Doe died, leaving behind her husband and teenage daughter.

Her case resolved for $1,625,000.00 by attorneys Jason Konvicka and Malcolm P. McConnell. As part of the settlement, the defendant hospital agreed to write off all of Mrs. Doe’s hospital bills and further agreed to not submit them for payment by any health insurer or other source. The defendant also agreed to reimburse Mrs. Doe’s Estate for any expenses related to investigation and pursuit of the legal claim. A significant portion of the settlement was structured through the purchase of annuities. As a result, the family is expected to receive approximately $2,489,500.00 over the course of their lifetimes.