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The Allen Law Firm Ethics CLE

Thank you for attending the Allen Law Firm CLE Series on Ethics, presented by Richmond attorneys Ashley T. Davis and Kathryn R. Montgomery. Find slides from the presentations, as well as course documents, by clicking the links below. Interested in receiving attorney resources directly in your inbox? Join our mailing list!

Presentation Resources

Ashley T. Davis | Ethics Essentials

Covering the recent changes to the Rules of Professional Conduct and ethics decisions from the Supreme Court of Virginia, Ashley T. Davis also provides practical advice for handling confidential communications. She discusses how to handle conflicts of interest, as well as ways to avoid the unauthorized practice of law by attorneys and their staff.  Access presentation slides from “Ethics Essentials” by using the link below.



The Top 10 Legal Ethics Opinions Every Lawyer Should Know

There are hundreds of Legal Ethics Opinions (LEOs) out there, but which ones are key to your practice? What is the best way to search for LEOs, how are they created, and by whom?  What does it mean when the Supreme Court of Virginia approves an LEO? Kathryn R. Montgomery, former Deputy Bar Counsel for the Virginia State Bar, answers these questions and more. Access presentation slides from “Top 10 Legal Ethics Opinions” using the link below.


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