Car crash – $1,450,000

Location: Front Royal, Virginia
Injuries: Traumatic Brain Injuries
Settlement: $1,450,000

The plaintiff was a passenger in a car that had stopped or nearly stopped on the road. The plaintiff’s host was about to make a left turn when the defendant approached from behind. Driving a dump truck, the defendant was unable to stop and the full front of the dump truck slammed into the rear of the plaintiff’s host vehicle. The impact pushed the plaintiff’s host vehicle off the road, and it slammed into an adjacent rock wall.

The patient was air-flighted to a hospital, where he remained for two weeks. He had sustained a traumatic brain injury with a loss of consciousness and microhemorrhages to the brain. He had several body lacerations and had multiple fractures treated.

Upon discharge, he went to inpatient rehab for a week. He then required two more surgeries to remove hardware from his leg. The plaintiff will likely require knee replacement surgery in the future, and the attorneys were able to secure those damages as well.