Car crash – $1,300,000

Location: Chesterfield
Injuries: Catastrophic Injuries
Verdict: $1,300,000

While walking to his mailbox in front of his home off Courthouse Road, the plaintiff fell into a ditch. Unable to get himself up, he waved at passing cars for help until a woman came to his aid.

She parked in the plaintiff’s driveway and helped him into her vehicle, where he waited while she called for paramedics. The defendant, who was driving north on Courthouse Road, lost control of her vehicle, crossed over the center line and ran off the left side of the road into the vehicle the plaintiff was sitting in.

The plaintiff was unconscious for a month after the accident and suffered fractured ribs, a fracture at C2, and a fractured foot. A Vietnam veteran, the plaintiff had many pre-existing injuries and illnesses, including PTSD. The case was settled for $1,300,000.