Can You Understand Your Insurance Policy Simply By Reading It? VIDEO

As you take the next steps after an accident or injury, you may look for answers to your questions by reading your insurance policy. However, that document may not provide all the information you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Senior partner and trial attorney Coleman Allen describes the challenges you face when you read your insurance policy and try to understand it.

Insurance coverage is complex

Can you understand your insurance policy simply by reading it? The answer is no –  insurance coverage is a very complex area. Words that are used in your insurance policy have special technical meanings, and don’t mean what they mean in everyday usage.

Some benefits aren’t described in your policy

Several other sources of insurance coverage that may provide benefits are not described in your insurance policy at all. This could include:

  • the model policy maintained by the bureau of insurance of the state corporation commission,
  • special statutes,
  • and case law.

If these things are in conflict with your insurance policy, they will prevail, and you will enjoy the benefits of those sources even though they aren’t mentioned in your insurance policy.


In choosing an attorney to represent you in connection with a personal injury, it’s critical your lawyer possesses expertise in insurance coverage to be able to evaluate all the different sources of recovery so that you’ll have the opportunity to be fully compensated.

About the Speaker: Coleman Allen is a trial attorney and partner with the Allen Law Firm. His legal career has spanned over 30 years and has included numerous victories for his clients both in and out of the courtroom. Additionally, Coleman is the author of Sources of Coverage: Insurance Coverage for Personal Injury Actions in Virginia. This book is considered the gold standard for insurance coverage in Virginia and is frequently used by not only plantiff’s lawyers but also defense lawyers, legislators, and judges all across the Commonwealth.