Camille from Glen Allen, VA

I was in two car accidents as a minor, and my parents initially brought me in to Allen & Allen after the second accident. They had seen the TV commercials and heard the radio ads. Fortunately Rob advised us of an important deadline in my first case that was almost out. Once I turned 18, I took over my process with Rob. Rob is awesome. He made me feel empowered. He never pressured me to make decisions, and I felt in control throughout the time we worked together. We talked about going to trial, and Rob respected the decisions I made based on my comfort level. He was always helpful and worked to make sure I was comfortable with each step of the process. He also returned my calls quickly, which I really appreciated because my doctors didn’t always do that.

I truly believe that Rob was most concerned for my best interests. He went the extra mile to understand the pain I went through, not just the physical pain but the emotional pain as well. It was difficult reliving the accidents but doing so helped me get past them and move on. With Rob, I felt like I had a friend in my corner. He gave me a lot of advice and he became a mentor to me for issues even beyond my case. I would definitely recommend Rob. He’s warm hearted and he gets results.