C.M. from Spotsylvania | Allen and Allen

C.M. from Spotsylvania

I selected Allen & Allen initially because they have a very strong reputation in the community. I was looking for support for the injuries I sustained from an accident that was not my fault.

I thought I would get that real representation from Allen & Allen. When I first met Emily Smith, we instantly connected and bonded over my experience. She saw me at my worst, I was bruised and hurting. Her level of compassion for my care felt reassuring to me; I knew I was in good hands.

People often have bad opinions about lawyers, but I honestly felt that Emily cared about my well-being and put it ahead of everything else. She made sure I was emotionally prepared, kept my expectations in check, and was upfront about what support she could and could not provide. It all felt very honest, which I appreciated immensely.

Even though my case is resolved, my medical issues are ongoing. Emily still takes the time to call and check in on me and my progress. She always worked in my best interest!