Buena Vista explosions raise questions about next steps

Explosions and fires can occur on the job or elsewhere, and can often result in severe injury or even death. Recent events are raising questions about what to do following an explosion after three people were killed and four injured during one that occurred at 9:50 a.m. on Friday, May 11, 2019 at a gas station in Buena Vista, Virginia.

Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s Salem Field Office is still investigating the cause of the explosion at the South River Market. At publish time, officials said “it doesn’t appear to be suspicious in nature.”

explosion in Buena Vista VA

Says Allen & Allen Richmond attorney Jason W. Konvicka, an experienced explosion and burn attorney: “Early action is extremely important because explosion cases can be very complex to investigate and litigate.”

According to Konvicka, seeking council right away helps to preserve and document evidence that can be neglected, lost or destroyed at the scene.

“From inspecting the faulty equipment, to taking photographs and preventing the destruction of evidence like security camera footage, the longer you wait to get attorneys and investigators involved, the more likely it is that the information you need to prove your case could disappear,” says Konvicka.

In 2016, Konvicka, along with Allen & Allen Richmond attorney Chris Guedri, handled a case involving an industrial explosion and fire caused by faulty equipment which resulted in severely burned victims and one fatality. Employing some of the foremost fire and burn experts in the world, they achieved a $42 million settlement, believed to be the largest in Virginia that year.

“The defendants and manufactures are hiring attorneys who specialize in this type litigation – that is all they do. When choosing a firm to represent you, you have to have someone on your side who has been in the room with those lawyers and who knows how to handle that type of high-stakes litigation. You need a lawyer who has the experience, relationships, and the capital to support the litigation” says Konvicka.

The financial burden following an injury or death of a loved one caused by an explosion can be immense. It’s important to take early action in order to get fair compensation. Click here to contact Allen & Allen.