Attorney Derrick Walker speaks to nursing home issues on CBS

The state of  Virginia has the second highest nursing home death rate in the United States, per a recent AARP study.  This troubling trend has gained the attention of three women in Virginia, who are vocalizing the need to improve regulations for nursing facilities in the commonwealth.

Allen & Allen attorney Derrick Walker is an advocate for proper nursing home care, and spoke on the issues via CBS 6 in Virginia (WTVR-TV). “Far too often we are seeing CNAs [Certified Nursing Assistants] that are taking care of 20 patients on a shift,” Walker said. “Some of [the nursing homes] are very good, but they are corporations,” Walker stated. “Their bottom line is to turn a profit and as long as Medicare or regulatory agencies are not requiring a certain number of staff members on the floor at a certain time doesn’t increase the overhead.”

Virginia has no statewide mandatory minimum staffing levels for congregate-care facilities.

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