Andre from Fredericksburg

I was sitting at a red light when a man rear-ended me and fled the scene. I hurt my neck and had to go through physical therapy. I knew to call Allen & Allen because my family had used their services 30 years ago. My case was complicated because even though the hit-and-run driver was identified, he didn’t have any insurance or a driver’s license. My case ended up going to trial, which was all new to me, as we did not have to go to court in the prior case.

Allen & Allen formed a winning team for me! It included Trent Kerns, an experienced attorney from my generation, and an ambitious young lawyer, Wil Van Winkle. Wil was fabulous! Not only was he qualified, but he seemed to be following his calling. And he was being coached by Trent, one of the most fabulous attorneys at Allen & Allen. When we showed up for court my team was great. There was no stress and I felt so safe because they prepared me, and I was ready to go. I’m very grateful and thankful for that and I thank them for their courtroom manner.

When you look on my refrigerator, you see two things: my doctor’s phone number and the Allen & Allen phone number. My family is a witness that in our house, we are ALL Allen’s! My experience was absolutely 5 stars. I’m so glad I can now live my life in peace!