Allen & Allen brings fun for the whole family!

  • August 8, 2023
  • News

Sometimes when a business sees growth, they lose the small business model that values integrity, service, and where applicable, family. Allen & Allen has enjoyed great success, but at its heart, the firm is a family business. Not just for the people with the last name Allen, but for the staff, clients, and everyone else that collaborates with the firm to protect the injured.

Bradley Kent and son

Every year, Allen & Allen hosts an annual family picnic to maintain the camaraderie. This year the family picnic was at The Park, and employees brought their spouses, significant others, and children to celebrate. The event reinforced our core values of service, care, compassion, community, and family. Guests were treated to bowling, Skee-ball, mini golf, and virtual golf.  They snacked on sliders, pizza, dessert trays, and sipped on beer and wine.

Guests at the Allen family picnic

President Edward Allen gave a speech to share good news and to reinforce the position that everyone that works at (or with) the firm is, in fact, an Allen.

The Allen Family Picnic guests at a table

Gueest at The Park RVA under a neon pink light

group of atorneys smiling for the camera

Griffin McMillan playing virtual golf

People playing indoor mini golf

Couple smiling at The Park RVA

The Park RVA sign