Continuing the Adopt-The-Troops Campaign into 2011 – Virginia Personal Injury Law Firm Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen

In 2007, Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen began the Firm’s “Adopt-The-Troops” campaign. Since that time, the Firm has been supporting local service men and women who are stationed overseas, and their units, by sending care packages and messages of encouragement. The program originally began with the request from a Virginia soldier stationed in Afghanistan. As family members and loved ones continue to head off to protect our country, the Adopt-The-Troops program has continued. The attorneys and staff from Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen have answered the requests and the outpouring of support has been tremendous.

In late 2010, Allen Law Firm receptionist Sandy Silver put in a request on behalf of her son-in-law who was recently deployed: “Please keep our courageous servicemen and women in your hearts. Many of us have given little thought to the sacrifices they are asked to make in order to ensure our great country’s safety and honor… They don’t ask for much because most of them are proud to serve – whatever the costs. And, those costs can be great. Please think of them and what they are asked to do for us.”

Upon hearing from Mrs. Silver, the Allen Law Firm adopted two more units stationed in Afghanistan.

Before Christmas, the Firm shipped 8 boxes filled with a coffee maker, mugs, snacks, toiletries and Starbucks coffee. In early February, Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen shipped out boxes to the units again – this time over 30 care packages – filled with donations from its employees. The care packages included hand and feet warmers, toiletries, handmade crocheted blankets, books and magazines, notes of encouragements and some of the tastes of home.

The cause is close to the heart of the firm’s president, Douglas A. Barry. “Giving is not just about taking care of those that are at home, or still in the United States, but helping those stationed abroad in our military too” says Mr. Barry. “In the case of our soldiers overseas, I also believe it to be a necessity and a patriotic duty. Recently, my own nephew, was deployed to Afghanistan, made a plea to me for such simple things as foot and hand warmers and beef jerky type products that will not spoil. Simple things that make such a hard life much more tolerable.”