A New Logo to Reflect our Service-Driven Legacy

“The more of our lives we give to others, the fuller and the richer, the greater and the grander, the more beautiful and more happy our own lives become…our love, our service, our helpfulness to others invariably comes back to us.” George E. Allen was a dedicated servant – to his family, to his community, to his work. As he opened the doors to his law practice in 1910, he was inspired by a single core belief. “Every life that has been really great has been that of a servant to humanity.” And, George intended that his life should be great.

Over the next three decades, George’s three sons joined him in practice, creating the law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen. The Allen family became known for their dedication to family, community, and service as much as for their legal knowledge and expertise.

Now, more than 100 years later, all of us at Allen & Allen remain committed to the legacy George and his sons created. A legacy rooted in family, community, service, and advocacy – aggressive advocacy on behalf of injured people and their families who rely on us to deliver the justice they cannot achieve alone.

So many in the communities we call home, the communities we love and serve, have come to recognize our logo – a representation of the history and stability of Allen & Allen. As we reflect on our humble beginnings as a law firm, we realize that our logo should represent more – more than longevity, a consistent and dependable presence. It should represent who we are. We are proud to share with you – our clients, our friends, our family – a new logo that highlights why we do what we do.

Why change to “Protecting the injured?” Because this is our purpose.

Each time we meet a new client, we commit to more than simply providing legal representation. We commit to making their fight our fight. We commit to ensuring they are treated fairly by the insurance companies. We commit to obtaining justice on their behalf.

For more than 100 years, we have looked our clients in the eye and pledged to protect them as they work to rebuild their lives. We are proud to have our logo reflect this. After all, that’s what we mean when we say “I am an Allen.”