W. Coleman Allen Jr. Testimonials

Sam,   Fluvanna County, VA

After my motorcycle accident, I tried to deal with the insurance companies on my own. It was a frustrating experience and, after a couple of months, my father-in-law recommended I contact an attorney. After my first meeting at Allen & Allen, I was blown away. The amount of information presented to me just in the initial conversation convinced me I needed an attorney. I was sold. After that meeting, I realized how much I didn’t know about handling situations like this. And once I had an attorney, the headache of the process was eliminated. No more harassing calls from the insurance company.

Coleman Allen knew how to handle my situation. He shared with me his experiences in handling motorcycle cases in the past, and I was very comfortable with his knowledge. Dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be difficult. Coleman explained things to me and helped me understand the process. The outcome of my case and the work done on my behalf was awesome. I never expected an outcome like this.

I would absolutely recommend Allen & Allen and Coleman Allen. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

Greg,   Chesterfield, VA

I was hospitalized after an accident and realized I would need an attorney. I asked around and Allen & Allen was recommended more than once. Coleman Allen came to visit me in the hospital, and I was very pleased that he did. He took a look at the circumstances of my accident, explained the situation to me, and told me where we would go from that point on.

After my accident, I didn’t know what to expect or what I was getting into. Coleman Allen understood and put everything in layman’s terms of what I could expect.

I thought the work he did was very thorough, and he was very receptive to my questions and requests for information. Coleman and his legal assistant Brandie were considerate of my schedule and I was never inconvenienced.

Coleman really went the extra mile for me and provided a favorable outcome I was very pleased with. I give him two thumbs up!



Kreshawn,   Henrico, VA

I had a great experience working with Coleman Allen. He and his legal assistant Brandie were able to answer all my questions. I was surprised how accessible Coleman and Brandie were. I thought high-powered attorneys would be hard to get in contact with, but this wasn’t the case with him. They were both readily available to take my calls and return emails. I enjoyed working with Brandie. She was very helpful and knowledgeable about my case. When I was originally looking for an attorney, I wanted to find someone who would work with me and that I could trust. I found that with Coleman.


Angela,   Richmond, VA

Elizabeth Allen actually represented me in the 80's when I was a passenger in the accident and was living in Petersburg at the time.

In my recent accident, I was hit from the side, which exacerbated a degenerative disease I didn't know I already had. Initially I met with another personal injury attorney who did not appear to be receptive to my situation - he was not nice at all.

From my first encounter back in November 2011 with the Allen Law Firm, to the time that my case was settled, there was a spirit of kindness offered by all those I encountered that was obvious yet not forced. As the case proceeded, there were several changes made along the way; from Chris Meyer and his team, to Coleman Allen and his team. However, I always felt comfortable and confident that this firm was going to ensure that I received the best and most appropriate outcome. The same holds true when I'd read the articles posted on cases won by the firm and the monetary awards received.

Mr. Allen got me exactly what he said he would be able to. He, like Chris Meyer, shared everything with me and was very transparent. Whenever we talked, I had no worries. I was definitely pleased with the outcome of my case. It was a long process, but it worked out in my favor.

I've done a bit of bragging about who my attorney was to anyone that would listen. But being represented by someone that is a published author on the subject is worthy of my bragging. Yes, I would most definitely recommend Mr. Allen and his team. I was 100% satisfied from the time that I walked through the door. Everyone was professional and friendly – I know I'm in a safe zone when I'm at Allen & Allen.

I pray that I never have to experience the trauma of being in a vehicle accident ever again but if it should happen, be assured that I know where to find my new family.

Editor's Note: Sources of Coverage: Insurance Coverage for Personal Injury Actions in Virginia by W. Coleman Allen, Jr. is a leading resource on insurance coverage in Virginia.

Linda,   Midlothian, VA

I would absolutely recommend Coleman. Mr. Allen and his staff were lovely to work with. It was a very emotional time, but they made me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. Susan, his legal assistant, was very nice and professional. When I realized that Mr. Allen would be representing me, I was humbled that he would handle my case.

I was very pleased with the legal services I received. I had a comfort level at every office I visited. Mr. Allen called me personally, which was very nice. I felt he would try his best for me and felt at ease with him in control of my case. He was great at explaining the ins and outs of the medical process. It was a totally positive experience, all around.

James,   Mechanicsville, VA

I’m one lucky guy. Coleman is a magician. I would recommend him to anybody who has a personal injury claim. Coleman and his team were very professional. It was a nice atmosphere. Everyone was very pleasant. Throughout my case they were concerned about my health and what was going on with me. They really care. They even sent me a card on my birthday.  His legal assistant Susan did a great job. She kept in touch and called me to follow up regularly.

Coleman is very personable. He stuck with my case and I felt like he was a team player and we were a team. I was ecstatic about the outcome of my case. I’m extremely grateful for everything Coleman did for me. I never thought I would be involved in a personal injury case but when I needed a lawyer, Allen & Allen was the name that came to mind. I’m so glad I called. 

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