Ryan E. Wind Testimonials

Phyllis,   Irvington, VA

Ryan is a very hard-working guy. I really felt reassured that he was working to protect my best interests. I also want to give five stars to Carolyn, who is outstanding. She processed my paperwork and took care of everything so I wouldn’t have to worry. Both she and Ryan were wonderful and took very good care of me. One thing in particular that I like about Allen & Allen is that there are so many skilled and qualified people there who support each other and collaborate on cases. It is comforting to know that, if for any reason Ryan is unable to be there, another qualified attorney can step in.


Mark,   Richmond, VA

Attorney Ryan Wind and Legal Assistant Carolyn were exceptionally helpful, thoughtful, and professional throughout the process. I appreciate the concern they expressed not only for my legal claim but more broadly for my medical condition and path to health and wellness. I will certainly recommend Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen to friends should they need legal services.

Ryan,   Mechanicsville, VA

At first, I tried to deal with the insurance company on my own, but I wasn't getting anywhere. I asked a friend for advice, and I was referred to Ryan Wind and Allen & Allen.

Ryan took over and handled everything. Ryan and his team cared about my well-being and made sure I was taken care of. Everyone was helpful, courteous and professional.

With Ryan and Allen & Allen on my side, I could concentrate on myself and my recovery. I was very impressed with how Allen & Allen handled my case. I would recommend Ryan Wind to anyone.

Kimberly,   Warsaw, VA

I was involved in a head-on collision in King William County. The other driver was heading in the wrong direction in my lane. I was taken to the emergency room and then, I had to continue receiving medical treatment for my injuries.

I was referred to Ryan Wind to assist me through this ordeal. Until it happens to you, you do not understand all that is involved when you are injured in a car accident. I am so glad I was referred to Ryan. He and his team immediately made me feel comfortable. They explained everything to me and took the time to answer my questions. They were always available to me. It was a relief knowing that all I had to do was get better. We were unable to settle my case and Ryan took the time to explain all the pros and cons of going to trial.

Together, we decided that it was in my best interest to go to trial. Ryan and his team made sure I felt comfortable and the other witnesses felt comfortable throughout each step of the trial process. At trial, Ryan did an amazing job. The jury came back with a verdict that was much more than the insurance company had offered and it was much more than I expected. I am very thankful to Ryan and his whole team for everything they have done for me. I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney to handle a car accident claim.

Michelle,   Mechanicsville, VA

I had a bad car accident in which a teenager hit me and totaled my car. I thought I was going to be ok and told her insurance company, Liberty Mutual, I was fine. They sent me a check for $1,400 but I did not cash it. I couldn't get out of bed and was hurt worse than I realized. But Liberty Mutual had a recording of me saying I was ok. I met with Ryan Wind and Cheryl Napier and told them my story.

I never worried after Ryan took my case. Ryan was always honest and upfront with me, always available and very professional. Cheryl would consistently call to check on me and how I was doing with my medical progress.

They were an awesome team. Ryan, with Cheryl's help, was able to get a settlement. This helped me get back on my feet. I am a single mom of two boys and was working two part time jobs.

The settlement paid for the car I had to buy and replaced the savings I lost due to the accident. Because of Ryan and Cheryl, I am able to get on with my life. Thank you so much.

Douglas,   Midlothian, VA

I want to thank you again for all of your hard work, knowledge and expertise in getting my settlement completed. The amount I received was far beyond my expectations! It was way beyond what I would have done myself. I know you were up against a very steep climb, but you were able to come through with an amount that was very satisfactory to me.

I have one of your cards in my wallet, and should I come upon a friend or relative (or anyone else) who needs an injury attorney, I will certainly recommend you, and give them your card.

I am very grateful for all you have done. Thanks again!

Betty,   Sharps, VA

After being involved in a auto collision, causing personal injury and totaling my car, I contacted the attorney in the Northern Neck that we use for all legal matters.  He referred me to Ryan Wind.  Ryan drove to the Northern Neck to meet with me and my local attorney and at that time agreed to manage my case.

Ryan is an extraordinary lawyer.  He was very thorough.  He kept me well informed with each step of building my case, as well as what I should expect to occur next.  Ryan gave me the impression that my case was his only case and he treated the case as if it was worth a million dollars.

When we went to trial Ryan took great care to prepare me for what to expect.  At the actual trial he was connected with me but also with everything that was happening in the courtroom.  Nothing slipped by him.  When the opposing counsel made inappropriate remarks to try and damage my case, Ryan immediately stepped in to protect my rights.  These simple remarks from opposing counsel may have escaped another attorney, but not Ryan...he was totally conscience of every aspect of the trial as well as the atmosphere in the court room.

I was very satisfied with the outcome and my verdict.  I would absolutely refer anyone to Ryan who needs a lawyer.  I am certain that he would treat every client with the same care and attention that he gave me.

Shelley,   Hartfield, VA

I had a general practice attorney that actually brought Ryan on.  He had worked with Ryan in the past and felt Ryan's expertise would be helpful in my case. Having Ryan as my lawyer made me feel well taken care of.  I was incredibly concerned when the accident first happened, but working with Ryan and his team helped to relieve all my stress and made things much easier on me.  I always felt like they had my best interest in mind and worked hard to make sure I was satisfied and understood everything. 

I definitely would recommend using Ryan for a personal injury case.  He is very personable and understanding so that you feel comfortable working with him, but also incredibly knowledgeable and a capable lawyer.

Ryan and his paralegal were wonderful in communicating with me.  They were always quick to answer any questions or concerns I had and made sure I understood every aspect of the case and the process they were going through.  They kept me informed every step of the way and made sure I was comfortable with what was going on. 

I was absolutely pleased with the outcome of my case.  Ryan and his team worked hard to make sure I was able to get the highest settlement possible and were able to close the case much faster than I had expected.

April,   Barhamsville, VA

After my accident, I approached an attorney for guidance regarding my case. He promptly referred me to Ryan Wind. Ryan was very patient and easy to work with. He was very family oriented and made sure that not only I understood the process, but that my family did as well. I was not looking for a large amount in compensation, but Ryan blew my expectations out of the water. Ryan and his team made sure that all my bases were covered and that the process was as painless as possible. I essentially handed my problems over to his team and they took care of everything!

Since settling, I’ve already referred others to Allen & Allen because of how Ryan and his team treated me. 

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