Robert C. T. Reed Testimonials

Eric,   Charlotte, NC

Rob Reed did a wonderful job for me and was also a terrific coach. His assistant, Ann, was great also. Thank you.

Nathaniel,   North Chesterfield, VA

After working in law enforcement, I knew of several attorneys in the area who worked with cases like mine. I spoke to colleagues and family members about my options, and they all agreed that Allen & Allen was the best firm to handle my situation. Rob Reed was very responsive to me and my daughter. He was thorough and detailed. Rob and his team were tenacious! They did the job we weren’t comfortable doing, and they did it well. Rob and his assistant were very hands-on during my case. They took care of everything so my daughter and I could recuperate. 

I didn’t want a firm that would treat us like a number, as if we were mixed in with the paperwork. They treated us as if we were family. Rob handled my young daughter with delicate hands. He talked to her at her level so she was able to fully understand the legality of the situation. I was impressed with how much respect he had for her.

Rob Reed is an asset to Allen & Allen. I would recommend him and the Firm to anyone. We are proud to be represented by Rob and his team!

Camille,   Glen Allen, VA

I was in two car accidents as a minor, and my parents initially brought me in to Allen & Allen after the second accident. They had seen the TV commercials and heard the radio ads. Fortunately Rob advised us of an important deadline in my first case that was almost out. Once I turned 18, I took over my process with Rob. Rob is awesome. He made me feel empowered. He never pressured me to make decisions, and I felt in control throughout the time we worked together. We talked about going to trial, and Rob respected the decisions I made based on my comfort level. He was always helpful and worked to make sure I was comfortable with each step of the process. He also returned my calls quickly, which I really appreciated because my doctors didn't always do that.

I truly believe that Rob was most concerned for my best interests. He went the extra mile to understand the pain I went through, not just the physical pain but the emotional pain as well. It was difficult reliving the accidents but doing so helped me get past them and move on. With Rob, I felt like I had a friend in my corner. He gave me a lot of advice and he became a mentor to me for issues even beyond my case. I would definitely recommend Rob. He's warm hearted and he gets results.

Tracy,   Petersburg, VA

When you’ve been in an accident and injured, you want someone who will be your advocate; someone who will handle all the heavy lifting so you can get better. Rob Reed was the guy who did that for me.

I researched many different firms and ultimately chose the Allen Law firm where I was assigned to Mr. Reed.

Working with Rob and his team was very pleasurable. They kept me informed and up to date on the progress.  I was unsure how to deal with the insurance company and what was going to happen with all my bills, but Rob told me not to worry about them - just get well and he would take care of it. From the first day I met Rob he had a calm demeanor and appearance as well as a pleasant smile. I knew he was busy, but he never showed it.

Everyone there was friendly - from the receptionist to the president of the Firm. They showed that the Allen family truly cared about me and my case. I was relieved that they were in my corner.

Diane,   North Chesterfield, VA

Allen & Allen came highly recommended by a coworker and I was glad Robert Reed took my case. At first, I was discouraged. I had no legal background or knowledge, but Rob made me feel comfortable.

He was down to earth and presented everything to me in a way that I could understand. Rob was personable, honest, and upfront. Working with Rob and his team was a relaxed experience. They were very good at keeping me informed with calls, emails and other updates throughout the process. Rob was true to his word.

I was extremely pleased with my representation and would share my experience with anyone.

Quincy,   Lynchburg, VA

I went online to research an attorney. I remembered that my mom and sister had been clients of Allen & Allen. I decided to look up Allen & Allen's web site. I liked what their former clients had to say about them and the information they provided. It was very helpful. When it comes to looking for a good lawyer, the best place to start in my opinion is Allen & Allen's web site. After a discussion with my fiancé, I decided it would be a good idea to contact Allen & Allen.

My experience was delightful. Trent and his team were warm and welcoming. When I came in, I didn't expect them to be able to help me because the incident happened in my home. I was pleased when Trent decided to look into my case and research it further. I was happy and surprised when they were able to take my case. It blew my mind how fast the process went and they were able to help me so quickly. My case concluded a lot sooner than I expected. I thought it would take at least a year and it concluded in about six months.

I'm very happy with the outcome of my case. I would recommend Allen & Allen and Trent to anyone and let them know that if they are injured, Allen & Allen can help.

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