Paul D. Hux Testimonials

I would like to say that EVERYONE at the Allen law firm that I had dealings with was VERY attentive and helpful with all of my needs and questions. I would like especially to thank Dionne for ALL of her understanding and help in my case. Paul Hux was also VERY helpful and made me feel like he REALLY cared about my well-being, NOT just my case and settlement. Thank you very much. Eugene - Richmond, VA

Anthony,   Roanoke Rapids, NC

I cannot thank Paul Hux and Marie enough for all of their hard work and dedication. When we first met, they told me to worry about recovery and making my doctor’s appointments and getting back to my life, and they would worry about my compensation and medical bills. I finished my Associates Degree with a 3.89 GPA while recovering, and as Paul asked, I left the worry to him. I never lost sleep over being in his hands.

Words will never express what Paul and his team have done for me. And the best words I can use are that they turned the absolute worst day of my life into a life changing experience for the better. Tomorrow, we start looking at homes for my family to buy. And next week, I meet with my dentist to start scheduling my long overdue dental work. Next summer, Ireland. All thanks to Paul and Marie.

I pray life never has me in need of his services again, but should I need representation in this kind of ordeal again, Paul’s will be the first number I dial. Thank you so very much.

Tracey,   Richmond, VA

I really appreciate the firm being so sensitive to my apprehensions and reluctance. This case took so long and in light of my recent medical issues, I was under a lot of stress. The way my case settled was efficient and I can't say enough about the effort made to resolve the matter in such a pressure free and convenient manner. I really needed the expert help and advice and was delighted with the results. Thank you to the entire Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen team for a job well done.

Yasheka,   Fort Lee, VA

After my accident, I googled “attorney” and Allen & Allen came up. I’d seen the commercials on television and decided to try them.

Paul Hux was my attorney and he made sure my concerns were addressed throughout my case. He stayed in touch with me every step of the way - that was awesome. Attorney Hux took care of everything which took the stress off me. He was very professional and knew what he was doing. I enjoyed working with him and his assistant Shannon.

I would absolutely recommend Allen & Allen and Paul Hux. I would give him a “10.”

Lenny,   Richmond, VA

We called Allen and Allen almost two years after my accident and we met with attorney Paul Hux in the Chesterfield office. My experience working with Paul and his team was always a pleasant one, even though the reason we were working together was difficult for me and my family. It was obvious that Paul was a very caring person. He helped me see past the issues I was facing today and look to tomorrow.  His number one goal was to help improve my mindset and physical condition. Closure of the case was always secondary to my well-being.  I was pleased with the outcome of my case.  I would absolutely refer others to Paul and Allen and Allen.

I would like for people who are seeking to hire a personal injury attorney to know that there is a law firm that truly has their best interest at heart. Paul and his team are not about just settling a case; they want what is best for their clients. While the road may be a long one to travel, I would like to encourage others to not lose faith. As it was explained to me early in the process, Allen & Allen would work beside me while I was improving, and once I was better, then it was on to the settlement/litigation portion.

When I first met Paul, I was told by my doctors that I might not see any additional improvement to my overall condition. However, Paul and his team did not let me give up and encouraged me to seek out additional care. I was able to make further improvements with my accident related issues and to my overall health and wellness.

I am so thankful for Paul and his team. The association with Paul was much more than what I would have thought an attorney/client relationship would be.  The relationship was a positive one.  I will always remember what Paul and his team at Allen & Allen have done for me.

Mozelle,   Petersburg, VA

I saw the advertisements on television for Allen & Allen over the years. When my husband and I had our car accident we weren’t going to call at first. Our doctor said we needed to get a lawyer because of possible complications with my husband’s injuries and that if we waited too long to call, it could be too late.

Our experience with Paul Hux was very good. My husband and I both liked him a lot. In addition to talking about our case, we had conversations about our families and children. He treated us like we had known him all of our lives. He was very knowledgeable.

I was very satisfied with legal services and with the outcome of my case. I think Paul gave it his best. I would definitely refer others to Paul because I believe he would have their best interests at heart and would do what was right for them.

Luana,   Chesterfield, VA

I feel like I’ve told ten million people about how wonderful Paul and his team were. If I had his cards I’d be passing them out. I thank him for making life so much better for me. I was blown away by settlement.

Paul came to my house for our initial meeting because I couldn't come to the office due to my injuries. His team kept me informed and I had no need to call frequently. They were very kind and very thoughtful. For me, it was absolutely the most wonderful experience. It was comforting to know they were there working for me and I felt very confident in their abilities.

They’re very personable and concerned with the person. I felt both Paul and his legal assistant Pam really care about me. I didn't feel like just another number. I felt like my injury, as important as it was to me, was equally important to them.

I want people to know that if they ever need assistance and if they want people who put your welfare in front of their own - don't be intimidated by the fact that it's a big law firm – the attorneys and their experience are there to help people. Paul and his legal assistant Pam both helped me get better mentally and physically. I knew I was in good hands. It was good to know I could focus on getting better while they took care of my case.

William,   Fredericksburg, VA

I made my choice to consult Allen & Allen after seeing the television advertisements. My experience working with Paul Hux and his team was one that was second to none. They always gave me the feeling of knowing that they cared. I was more than pleased with the outcome of my case and I would not hesitate to recommend Paul and Allen & Allen.

Dawn,   Petersburg, VA

My husband and I were going out to eat at a restaurant for dinner. While going inside, I fell thereby fracturing my femur, hip and foot. After a 10 hour surgery and hospital stay, I decided to make a call to a lawyer when I arrived home.

This is where I first met Mr. Paul Hux. He came to my home to discuss the matter, and I knew on that visit that he would truly represent me. He was very professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and persistent from the beginning. Most of all he had patience dealing with my injuries, feelings, fears and frustrations. He was listener, but knew how to keep me on the right path. I wasn't the most cooperative person and tried to add facts unrelated to the situations. But his patience and the way he made me feel secure in the process was what made us a Team.  If I lost, he lost - but he had the faith accepting my case and never once did I feel we couldn't win.  We were joined by Ms. Yvonne Berry, his legal assistant, which really completed our team.  What Mr. Hux didn't think of, Ms Berry did, and visa versa.  I was amazed with the attention to detail.

Mr. Hux's advice the night before our court hearing gave me secure feelings of his compassion and knowledge for details. I felt secure when I accepted an offer, thus avoiding a jury decision. The conclusion was beneficial to us both.  He was prepared to go to court with his ideas, pictures and information. He was ready either way.

Clients can put their trust in Mr. Paul Hux - that he will be truthful, compassionate, professional, persistent, and that he possesses the patience needed for a win. There is no loss in his vocabulary and he stays to very end. I am so very grateful to this man for all he did... God Bless him.

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