Malcolm P. McConnell, III Testimonials

Lisa,   Amelia County, VA

I just want to thank Mic McConnell and Ryan Wind for their hard work and fighting for me! They are truly the best! I was so nervous and they reassured me throughout the whole process. You guys were right; I didn't have anything to be nervous about, you’re awesome. Thanks again!

Vicki,   Columbia, VA

I was referred by another lawyer in Charlottesville. A friend told to contact Mr. Greene and if he didn't handle medical malpractice he would refer me to someone who did. He connected me with Mic McConnell and Mic came to Charlottesville to me and my two children.

I have never quite met anyone like Mr. McConnell. He was very knowledgeable but also very down to earth. He and his legal assistant, Linda, kept me informed during the whole process. Mic and Linda talked me through everything - every step of the way. In the beginning, Mic explained it was very hard to prove a medical malpractice case and the firm would need to do an investigation. A little before Thanksgiving he called to tell me that he would be able to take my case. That was bittersweet - I was really hoping the doctors had done everything they could for my husband but it turns out they had not.

Once Mic took my case, he explained what was happening at every step. Every time I called with questions, they answered them and did not act like it was bothersome or a burden. They were open and honest with me throughout the case and let me know what to expect. I don't know what I would have done without Linda's support. Even though I didn't meet her in person until right before the depositions, I felt like I really knew her as a person from our interactions on the phone.

I was very happy with the outcome. I wasn't doing it for the money, I was doing it for the principle, but I was very happy with the result. I would certainly refer anyone in need to Mic McConnell and Allen & Allen.

Tamatha,   Spotsylvania, VA

I can't say thank you enough. I know you were just doing your jobs, but like I've been telling everyone... you weren't paid to care so much. You always made me feel like I was your only client. That says a lot, especially when Allen and Allen is such a large law firm. Take care and God bless you.

Cara Leigh,   Scottsville, VA

Cara passed away in July 2001 and we started her fight in August 2001 with another law firm. When our attorney retired in the middle of the case, we were referred to Mic McConnell. The Allen & Allen law firm is well known in the area and we felt comfortable with the change.

I am so glad we had attorneys that were well educated on our case. What a great team! We are very happy with the outcome. Mic spoke for Cara and fought for her. We were very impressed with him - with the level of research that he did - and with the detail and knowledge he brought to the case. We were impressed with the arguments that he crafted and were so glad he was on our side. I would recommend Allen & Allen to everyone.

Margaret,   Lynchburg, VA

My suit was in process over five years. My attorney in Lynchburg recommended getting Mic McConnell and Allen & Allen involved. With Mic's help, it brought the case to fruition and closure. I'm glad it's over. I was very impressed with Mic and very pleased with the outcome of my case. I would certainly recommend Mic and Allen & Allen to anyone in need 100%.

Suzi,   Richmond, VA

I chose Allen & Allen because I wanted to work specifically with Mic McConnell, both because I know him personally, but also because of his reputation in Virginia. Because it was an accident claim as well as personal injury, Mic suggested working with Dave Douthit, but as a team to make sure that I was comfortable and well taken care of over the journey. I could not be more happy with how the case was handled. The outcome was great, but the way that Mic and Dave guided me was superb - never was a decision made without fully explaining every possible outcome; I was always in the know every step of the way. I would absolutely recommend Mic, Dave, and the entire Allen & Allen office. They are hard-working, knowledgeable, wonderful people.

John,   Bedford, VA

After talking with several law firms regarding my family's loss I finally contacted Allen and Allen (at the insistence of my son). I didn't think a firm as prestigious as Allen and Allen would be interested in our case. I could not have been more wrong. From the initial contact with the legal nurse to my final conversation with Linda, Mr. McConnell's assistant, I knew we had found the right people to represent us.

During the months that it took to resolve our case, we were always treated with the utmost respect and consideration. Mr. McConnell and his assistant Linda were very engaged with the details and our own personal struggles, while they worked to resolve our case. Questions were answered promptly and never in a condescending manner. We, as a family, felt we could trust Mr. McConnell to always represent our best interests, and he did so in a very professional manner. My children & I will always be grateful to Mr. McConnell and Allen and Allen for helping us realize some good out of this terrible situation.

Carol,   Henrico, VA

In April of 2011 a routine grocery store stop changed my life forever.   The other person's insurance company immediately contacted me while I was in the hospital to make a statement over the phone.  They also came by my house the 2nd day I was home from the hospital.  I was not thinking clearly and trusted them when their agent asked for me to sign a waiver to have access to my medical records and offering me to sign for a settlement.  I realized after thinking clearly that was a dumb mistake.  I choose Mic not only because I have known him for 30+ years and consider him a friend but also knew that he had an impeccable reputation at Allen and Allen.   He immediately told me not worry that he would take care of everything.  I really feel without his involvement in the case the insurance companies would have been difficult to work with even though I have a lifelong injury. I would recommend Mic and his team.   Their professionalism and attention to my case was exceptional!

Norma,   Mechanicsville, VA

After my accident, my husband started looking through the phone book and we knew about Allen & Allen through the TV commercials so he chose to call them. We should have called from day one. We ended up waiting a few weeks to call. I would advise anyone going through a similar situation call first thing after the accident so that Allen & Allen can help them from the very beginning.

We called the office and scheduled an appointment. Mic McConnell came all the way to Mechanicsville to meet with us. It was a very good experience. He put all of my concerns at ease. Made us feel like we were going to be taken care of and we were. Mic and his legal assistant Linda were just awesome. Mic was always available, as was Linda. They made time for us if my husband or I had any questions. We were able to come in and sit down to talk to them when we needed to - which was a wonderful because this was so new to us.  Linda kept us abreast of what was happening at every stage. It was a good experience all the way around.

Fortunately I did not have to go to court. I know they both worked very hard to get the settlement in our case.  I imagine working with two different insurance companies was problematic at times but it all worked out wonderfully for me in the end. I was very happy with the settlement.

Mic and Linda are the most caring people. Coming into something as horrendous as what happened to me, it was a blessing that they were just awesome to work with. They made me feel like I was their only client. I would absolutely recommend them.

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