Lead Paint Poisoning Lawyers

If you believe you or your child has been injured by exposure to lead, you should call the trial attorneys at Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen. Our attorneys will examine the facts of your case and review your injuries with a medical expert, where necessary, to determine whether the negligent conduct of a property owner, landlord, building contractor, or other person or entity may be responsible for the injuries and other damages. Call the Allen Law Firm at 866-388-1307 for a free consultation.

What Causes Lead Paint Poisoning?

Two of the most common sources of lead paint poisoning are deteriorating lead-based paint and lead contaminated dust. Lead based paint is usually found in houses and apartments constructed before 1978, the year when the federal government banned the use of lead-based paint in housing.

Many buildings constructed before 1978 still have old lead paint covering wall surfaces and baseboards. Under ordinary circumstances, this paint is not hazardous so long as it remains on the wall in good condition. When the paint begins to peel, crack, chip, or flake off, however, it becomes unsafe. An infant or toddler crawling or playing on the floor may pick up paint chips and put them in his mouth. He may chew on painted railings, door frames, fences, or window sills. When rooms are repainted, wood and walls are often scraped, sanded or heated. This may create lead dust, which could be hazardous when inhaled.

Most lead paint poisoning claims are brought on behalf of children because a young child's brain is especially susceptible to lead poisoning and can be injured easily. A lawsuit may be based on a seller, landlord, or contractor's failure to comply with federal, state and local laws involving housing, construction or lead paint abatement.

Lead Paint Poisoning In Children

The adverse effects of lead exposure in young children include: learning disabilities, behavioral problems, mental retardation, seizures, and on rare occasions, death. Lead poisoning may account for the loss of 2 to 3 IQ points for each 10 micrograms of lead per deciliter in a child's blood. A child with a lead blood level of 10 to 25 micrograms per deciliter may show no obvious signs of lead poisoning. At higher lead exposure levels, children may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Anemia
  • Headaches
  • Hearing problems
  • Seizures
  • Delayed growth
  • Severe abdominal pain and cramps
  • Persistent vomiting
  • Coma

If you suspect your child may have lead poisoning, take the child to a physician immediately for examination and a blood test. Early diagnosis of this serious medical condition is important. Then contact us. Our experienced lawyers may be able to help you fight for your rights and obtain compensation.

Lead Paint Poisoning In Adults

Adults are also at risk for lead poisoning although it is unusual for them to be as severely affected as small children. Evidence of lead poisoning in an adult may include some of the symptoms listed above. Affected adults may also have difficulties with sleep, memory, concentration, infertility, high blood pressure, and kidney problems. Pregnant women with lead poisoning may be vulnerable to special risks as will their unborn children.

The Allen Law Firm knows how to investigate and prosecute lead paint poisoning cases. With almost a hundred years of experience in the personal injury field, our firm is committed to protecting people injured through the negligence of others. Call Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen at 866-388-1307 for a free case evaluation.

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