James Mick "Jamie" Kessel Testimonials

"James Kessel and his assistant, Kimberly, are wonderful and very personable. They did an excellent job handling my case." - Mia, North Chesterfield, VA

"I was very pleased with Jamie Kessel and his aides. I placed my case and faith in him, and I made a good decision." - Jimmy, Richmond, VA

William,   Goochland, VA

It is difficult to put into words my experience with this team. They made the whole process bearable and I felt at ease throughout the duration. I never had to wonder what was happening with my case. I would refer Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen to anyone in my situation. I could not have more confidence in my legal team!

Janet,   Maidens, VA

My husband contacted Allen & Allen on the advice of friends while I was still in the hospital.  

Once I got home, I wasn't able to travel easily so Mr. Kessel came to our house for our initial meeting.  From that day, until a settlement agreement was reached almost 20 months later, Mr. Kessel and his legal assistant, Ginny could not have been more helpful to us.  

They kept in touch during my treatment just to check on me and whenever I had a question they immediately eased my mind with answers and good advice.  There are so many aspects that have to be handled after an accident and it was wonderful to have them to guide us and take care of all of the issues that need to be handled from the other insurance company.  They also really got to know me and always asked about other things that were going on in life other than just about the accident.

I would highly recommend them and could not have imagined trying to navigate through the entire process without their help and I will always be grateful for the support they provided my family.

Joann,   Glen Allen, VA

If you are ever in a position to need an attorney, I would find one who is positive and believes in your case- and that's just who I got when I hired Jamie Kessel with Allen & Allen. Jamie was very considerate and upbeat. When I was injured, my husband did the footwork for finding an attorney to represent me and chose Allen & Allen based on their good name and that they are a well-respected firm.

My experience with Jamie and his team could not have been better. The whole team was kind, patient, and supportive. They responded quickly to all my questions by being in constant contact throughout the whole process. I never had to worry about anything because Jamie and his team took care of it all. They made a pleasant experience out of a tough situation. Jamie never showed any strain or stress which I think is a good trait to have. I was beyond pleased with my outcome and would recommend Allen & Allen to anyone who needs an attorney. I could not have asked for a better group of people to handle my case.

Paul,   Henrico, VA

I feel very blessed to have had Jamie Kessel as my attorney.  The entire process was very pleasant. I had virtually no stress and was treated in a very professional manner. I would absolutely refer anyone to Allen & Allen and to Jamie. It just makes sense to use a well-known law firm like Allen & Allen. I felt like I was well represented.

Monique,   Virginia Beach, VA

If someone needs a personal injury attorney, I would recommend Jamie Kessel. I was originally using a different attorney at another law firm, but ultimately switched to Jamie after being referred to him by my former counsel. I had a great experience with him. Jamie was very knowledgeable about my case, the procedures, and was extremely helpful with preparing me for my deposition. He was always willing to answer any questions I had. His legal assistant was also readily available for me.

I was very nervous about going to court and the trial, but Jamie was fully prepared and comforting. I am very pleased with the outcome. I would absolutely refer others to Jamie and Allen & Allen. He is very personable, doesn’t make you uncomfortable, easy to talk to, and most importantly, does well in court!

Tasha,   Newport News, VA

I was referred directly to Jamie Kessel. He was prompt, always available (even after work hours), walked me through the entire process, prepared me and ultimately got me a great result. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. The day of trial, it settled in my favor and I was happy I didn’t have to go to court. I would refer any and every one to Allen & Allen, because I think it is a magnificent law firm. They have experience and knowledge to get you through your case. I had a wonderful experience with Jamie and will use Allen & Allen again if needed.

Louise,   Glen Allen, VA

Allen & Allen felt like a safe place for me. What impressed me most about working with Jamie was that he really went to a deeper level to do the necessary research to understand my case. When he took over my case, he read all of my records and took a long time to get to know me. He understood where I was coming from and really went to the full extent to help me.

I didn’t know what to expect in the outcome but I was very pleased. It was truly a very difficult, painful time and Jamie helped quantify that and prove my case. He and his legal assistant Marilynn helped me through it. Jamie listened and didn’t judge me. I would refer Jamie to a friend – he’s very personable, approachable, and easy to talk to.

James,   Henrico, VA

A friend had worked with Allen & Allen a few years ago when he was in an accident. He said that Allen & Allen treated him well. In my experience, the attorneys and staff are very knowledgeable on personal injury law. Jamie and his team were very professional. The time of my accident was right before Christmas and the birth of my daughter – it all occurred within three weeks. They always asked about my wife and baby.

Jamie gave me some good advice - he told me what I would probably get for my case, but we actually did a little better than that. I was very happy with my settlement as well as the legal services provided to me – they did their job well. I already have referred someone to Allen & Allen.

Valerie,   Henrico, VA

I happened to see Allen & Allen’s commercial and they seemed very trustworthy. They seemed to have concern for their clients, and I could tell that they would be able to get the job done. I had a very good experience working with Jamie Kessel and his team. They were very knowledgeable and always did a good job. They knew what they were talking about. They were very informative and let me know what was going on every step of the way. I really appreciated that. They would call me, make sure I was o.k., they would tell me what I needed to do, what I needed to correct, and they were straightforward.

I appreciate how they were concerned about my well-being, recuperation and the progress of my health. I was surprised that I received the amount I did – Jamie got it done and I was a happy camper.

I was very pleased with the outcome of my case - I was shocked. I would recommend family, friends and neighbors to come to them - they are very good attorneys. I want to thank everyone at Allen & Allen, especially Jamie and his legal assistant Virginia for the excellent job that they did.

Rani,   Richmond, VA

I first heard about Allen & Allen through their television commercials. I had an amazing experience working with my attorney Jamie Kessel and his legal assistant Ginny.  Jamie and his team are very knowledgeable. 

I work in the medical field and didn’t really understand all the ins and outs of the legal process.  But from the very beginning they took the time to explain everything to me and kept me informed throughout the process. 

Jamie was definitely on point and I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. Throughout the process he checked in on me and made sure I agreed with his decisions. I was 100% pleased with my experience working with Jamie and his legal assistant.  Ginny was great and I will tell anyone who needs an attorney about Jamie.  He was amazing!

Jack,   Richmond, VA

I'm from Richmond, and like most people from Richmond, I had heard of the firm. Jamie Kessel was outstanding in regard to his professionalism, guidance and overall expertise. Jamie was always several steps ahead of any questions I had. In the end, Jamie truly treated me as a friend, and made the process painless. I was very pleased both with the outcome of my case and the legal services provided to me. I would gladly refer Jamie and his team to a friend or family member. Jamie is a heck of a lawyer.

Shannon,   Richmond, VA

I first chose Allen & Allen because of the warm welcome and understanding I received when I called to inquire about what options I had regarding my case. We were fortunate that Jamie took the case. Jamie immediately began working on my case as soon as I met with him. Jamie made sure that I was included and aware of all communication with the adjuster. He was completely honest with me when I asked the value of my case and with the direction I should go with the offer. It took longer than expected for the insurance company to respond back once we decided to accept the offer. I was emailing and calling Jamie almost every day. Both Jamie and Marilyn were both so patient and always responded to me. They never brushed me off.

My family and I were very happy working with Jamie. He never tried to pressure us to go another direction and we never felt that he was only after a commission. He had our best interest in mind and accepted our decision. We had several hurdles to cross with the insurance company and with Jamie's knowledge everything went very smoothly. I wasn't just a case number to Jamie. He showed a genuine concern for me and my family. We were satisfied with the outcome of our case. Jamie was very professional and honest. I will definitely refer others to consult with Jamie.

Clayton,   Moseley, VA

We heard about Allen & Allen from TV, radio and the news. Our experience working with Jamie Kessel and his team was really good. Jamie was really easy to work with. I find some people harder to open up to but with Jamie I could really open up. Jamie seemed more like a friend than like I was in an attorney-client relationship. This was my first experience working with an attorney. He calmed my nerves. His legal assistant Marilynn was really great. She would call me to follow up. She was always very nice over the phone.

I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. Jamie really did a phenomenal job. It wouldn't have turned out the same without him. I was very happy – he went above and beyond what he had to do to make everything happen. Jamie really fought for me. I would refer other clients to Jamie all day long.

Daniel,   Short Pump, VA

Allen & Allen had been in the back of my mind as long as I could remember from ads and the local community. Jamie Kessel & his legal assistant Ginny were very helpful. They were always eager to help and respond. They were very prompt and forthcoming about my case, and were always as informative as possible. It was a pleasurable experience all around. I was expecting an outcome similar to what I got, and was overall very pleased. I would most definitely recommend Jamie and his team. They were helpful, informative and positive. For not knowing someone, they were able to understand what someone is going through, and they had genuine compassion.

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