Christopher J. Toepp Testimonials

"We were extremely impressed with attorney Chris Toepp and his assistant Nicole, and we’re very grateful for their support." - Michelle - Ringoes, NJ

Brett,   Richmond, VA

I am thankful for everything Chris did for me in the aftermath of the very serious motor vehicle collision I was involved in. I have never worked with someone who was so attentive. From the time that we first met at the hospital until the conclusion of the process, Chris dealt with every question or issue I had instantly. He stayed on top of every aspect of my case and I don't think that the outcome could have been better.

It was a pleasure to have Chris as my lawyer, and I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney.

Felesia,   Fredericksburg, VA

Chris is straightforward and honest. He never kept anything from me throughout the duration of my case. It was clear that he was looking out for my best interests from beginning to end.

When I see the Allen and Allen commercials on television, they remind me that Chris and his team treated me like family. I would recommend Chris to anyone and everyone and commend both he and his team for their professionalism, dedication and win-win attitude.

Kevin,   Fredericksburg, VA

When I first came to the Allen Firm my daughter was in the intensive care unit. As a father, my only concern was my daughter's well-being. Chris walked into the room, sat down, and talked to me face-to-face about every aspect of the personal injury process. Comfort set in immediately. From that moment forward, I knew he would look out for our best interests.

Through the whole process Chris stayed on top of everything. The emotion that he showed for my daughter during her recovery proved to me that he really cared about her as a person; not just her legal case. He was clearly most concerned about my daughter's health from start to finish.

What happened to my daughter was horrific. We needed some kind of justice. Chris proved to me that he would do what it took to make that happen for us. The process itself was smooth and straightforward. Chris got outside of his 'lawyer box' and broke things down in every day terms that we could understand. We appreciated that.

Overall, Chris really looked out for my daughter. In the end, Chris got us the justice we deserved. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chris to anyone who needs a personal injury attorney.

Jessica,   Richmond, VA

Working with Chris was excellent. Everything went so smoothly. Every time I sent an email, I got a response. I was not familiar with the process at all before I was injured. Chris explained it step by step and, on occasion, re-explained it to me. I appreciated his patience as we worked together to get my case resolved.

As a lay person I found that the insurance company tried to give me the run around. They called me less than 24 hours after my accident and then tried to send me a quick settlement check before I had even seen a doctor. When I talked to them I felt like I had to listen to the fine print throughout the conversation. When I asked a question they would change the topic or not answer it. Once Chris got involved all that stopped. I never spoke to the other side again. It was comforting to have a true advocate walk me through the process.

I would absolutely refer other people to Chris. He provided an all around wonderful, professional and efficient experience for me.

Thomas,   Fredericksburg, VA

Working with Chris was excellent. I gained faith in him as soon as I met him. I am one hundred percent confident that he was honest and up front with me about everything. The process went down exactly as he said it would. My daughter also had tremendous confidence in him and that was very important to me.

I’m not great with words. Chris stood up for me, put everything in terms that I could understand, explained what we were trying to achieve and really impressed me as my case went on. He didn’t hold back in my arbitration, he came up with good arguments I hadn’t even thought about and I am truly thankful for that.

I would absolutely refer others to Chris and I will. If someone ever needs help I know exactly where to send them. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment. I am totally happy, completely satisfied and relieved that it is over.

Sean,   Fredericksburg, VA

Chris did everything he could do to make a complicated personal injury process painless for me. Chris was easy to reach, he answered my questions whenever I had them and I never felt like I had to wait for a response. I’ve learned that the personal injury process involves a lot of moving parts and can take a long time.

Having my attorney available to me every single time I had a question reduced my frustration tremendously.

I will definitely refer other people to Chris. He was honest and straightforward from start to finish. In the end, Chris worked very hard to get me all of the compensation I deserved in the aftermath of my accident. I am very thankful for that.

Cecilia,   Fredericksburg, VA

Chris was very easy to work with. Before my accident I had no knowledge regarding the personal injury process. This was made even more difficult because of the brain injury I sustained and the memory issues I had to deal with after the crash.

Chris was very patient with me. He explained everything clearly and the process worked exactly as he told me it would. Chris went above and beyond as my lawyer. He met with me at my house when I was immobile and he was always available by phone. I’m really glad its over. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would and everything worked out exactly the way I wanted it to.

I’m thankful I had Chris representing me and would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a personal injury attorney.

William,   Richmond, VA

Working with Chris Toepp was fantastic. He took the time to help me understand the process, kept me informed along the way and gave me all the time and attention I needed to make decisions in my case. I really appreciated that Chris was open and clear in his communication from the beginning of my case to the end. He valued my opinions which was very important to me.

I would recommend Chris in a heartbeat. I wouldn't even have to think about it. He is very very good at what he does. He is knowledgable, employs a thorough thought process and is confident in his abilities.
These were the ingredients for success in my case.

I felt very comfortable with Chris and am delighted with the result we obtained.

Larry and Shiril ,   Fredericksburg, VA

Our entire experience working with Chris and his team was excellent. Chris was attentive to our cases and was available whenever we had a question. We did not understand the personal injury process and Chris took the time to walk us through it every step of the way. We both really appreciated that.

We not only would refer others to Chris, we have referred others to Chris. He is an excellent attorney and we would recommend him to anyone who was injured in a car accident. We were very pleased with the results in our cases and appreciate Chris’ hard work and dedication.

Ny,   Glen Allen, VA

Chris Toepp and his team were helpful and supportive all the way through my recovery. Before I talked to him I was seriously daunted by just keeping track of the sheer amount of bills coming in, but after he was involved everything went smoothly, they kept track of my recovery expenses so I could spend less time worrying and more time focused getting better. I'm so happy with the results. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a personal injury attorney.

Janet,   Fredericksburg, VA

My experience working with Chris was great. He explained everything, took care of everything and handled everything great. I would recommend Chris to others because he is efficient, he understands what’s going on, he understands Virginia law and he always puts his client’s interests first. Going to trial in Circuit Court was very scary. Chris explained the process to me and I knew what to expect when I got in there. Chris was prepared for everything and put on a great case for me.

Rose,   Fredericksburg, VA

Working with Chris was wonderful. After my accident I was nervous and in pain. Chris went out of his way to meet me at my house, talk me through every little detail and put me at ease about the whole situation. He was very patient and he did everything he said he was going to do. Chris is very straightforward, truthful and fair. I love him.

Beverly,   Fredericksburg, VA

I found Allen & Allen through a TV ad.  It was the best advertisement that I have ever answered in my life.

My attorney, Chris Toepp, has the kindest demeanor.  He made me feel so comfortable and I never felt as if I had to walk on egg shells around him.  Chris always made me feel that I was in a safe place from the minute he said “hello”. I think he is one of the nicest people that God put on the earth.  Frankly, the whole office staff is beautiful.  He has good people working in his office.

If I find that someone has a need, I will always recommend Chris.  He is honest and that is hard to find! I am from Boston and I have not had the best time in VA.  However, working with Chris Toepp has been my only good experience here in VA.

Maureen,   Fredericksburg, VA

My experience with Allen and Allen and Chris was wonderful. Everything that he said would happen did. He was honest, easy to talk to and I would recommend him without hesitation.

His team was responsive, kind and answered all of my questions. They helped me get through a very difficult time in my life.

Danielle,   Fredericksburg, VA

I came to Mr. Toepp in the very end of July/beginning of August 2013 as a result of a head on collision that myself and young twin daughters were involved in.  Chris’s knowledge, understanding and patience were second to none! 

From my initial talk with Chris throughout the process, Chris and his staff kept me informed and up-to-date on everything that was being done behind the scenes.  His main concern was getting me back to 100%!  Even while he was on a vacation with his family, he still negotiated on my behalf and made sure my settlement was fair to my medical expenses and the suffering and loss of income while I was recovering.

I would tell everyone what a fantastic job he and his staff did for my case!  Thank you again Chris!

Leonard,   Fredericksburg, VA

I'm writing in appreciation for all the help I received from your lawyer Chris Toepp.

My dad was in a very bad car accident. I knew we needed a lawyer to help us with this lawsuit. My brother-in-law said to go to Allen & Allen. I knew I had nothing to worry about because I felt very at ease the minute I met Chris Toepp. He did all he said he would do for my dad and much more.

Chris Toepp knew my dad was on Medicaid and any money coming to him would be going to pay the nursing home. Chis partnered with a lawyer that specialized in Medicaid and he helped me to get more money for my dad than I ever expected. He went way beyond the call of duty.

Chris Toepp is such a great asset to your company and such a great blessing to me and my family. Thank you again for everything.

Lillian,   Fredericksburg, VA

I was hit by another driver and thought I could manage my insurance claim. The annoying phone calls from the other driver’s insurance company became so over whelming. This is when I called Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen and met Chris Toepp.

I had my consultation with Chris. From that day until the case was settled, Chris handled the insurance company and I was not spending numerous hours dealing with insurance getting nowhere. It was a relief to not have the insurance calls to deal with. Chris kept me informed of the progress of my case via phone messages and emails.

By myself I never would have been able to settle with the insurance company and obtain the results Chris did. Chris settled my case in a timely manner, with outstanding results. 

In the future if I need legal representation my first call will be to Chris Toepp. Thank you again for the outstanding service handling my case.

Patti,   Fredericksburg, VA

Chris Toepp was always the consummate professional for the duration of my case and I always felt that I was in good hands with Chris.  Not only is he familiar with the laws of VA, the VA court system, but he also knew the nuances of each of the courts.  He was clear and concise and provided advantages and disadvantages for all of my potential decisions. Chris was flexible with the choices I made and thinks well and quickly on his feet.  I would recommend Chris to anyone that is seeking a personal injury lawyer as he knows his job and does it very well.

Janice,   Fredericksburg, VA

Chris and his team were with me every step of the way. I would definitely refer others to him. I was pleased with the outcome of my case. Chris is an outstanding lawyer who is very familiar with the laws of Virginia. His team makes sure communication gets passed along and status checks are done. Chris was very kind and understanding. He has a compassion for his clients that I had not seen before in all of my dealings with lawyers over the past 10 years in my job.

Sherry,   Glen Allen, VA

Chris worked really hard on my case. I really mean that. He made me feel like my case was a huge case and very important. We went to trial which was very scary. Chris helped ease my mind and walk me through the process. We won, but they appealed. That was very frustrating. Chris explained the process and encouraged me not to give up. If he didn’t do that I probably would have let it go. Chris continued to fight for me until my case was resolved. Chris knows the law, cares about his clients and won’t back down. Working with him was fantastic. He was wonderful.

Danny,   Richmond, VA

It was a pleasure having Chris Toepp take care of my case. He was very prompt, he called me back on a Sunday afternoon not 30 minutes after I put in the inquiry online. He fought long and hard for me and my case. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Sarah,   Fredericksburg, VA

My experience working with Chris was excellent. I thought that he was friendly and professional. I felt like he was not only working for me but also with me. Chris and his staff were easy to get ahold of. They answered my questions and addressed my concerns immediately. I had never been involved in a personal injury case before. Chris gave me sound legal advice that maximized my recovery. His knowledge and experience definitely added value to my case. I would certainly refer others to Chris and his team. He is thorough, working through the process with diligence and competence. His team is fantastic. I am so thrilled with the results of my case.

Halle,   Richmond, VA

My experience with Chris Toepp and his team was awesome. Chris took the time to explain all the details of what turned out to be a very complicated situation. On top of that he fought for me throughout the process. From the beginning it was clear that he was working hard for me and doing everything he could to maximize my recovery. After my accident people told me not to bother getting a lawyer and said I should just settle with the insurance company. Thank goodness I didn’t do that. Not only did Chris make sure that all my medical bills were taken care of, thanks to him I am now able to invest in my future and move forward. I would absolutely refer others to Chris.

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