Charles Littlepage Allen Testimonials

Ray,   Glen Allen, VA

A family member of mine who is a police officer referred me to Allen & Allen after my accident.

When I first met Charles Allen, I felt comfortable with him. He was deliberate, yet low key. Charles was very nice and informative throughout the three years that he represented me. The experience was also more personal than I had expected, Charles almost seemed as if he were an older brother. He was very competent and he valued my opinion, I trusted him with everything.

It was an ordeal and a lot of initial stress that came with it, but Charles worked on my behalf and took all of the weight off of my shoulders. He just had a nice, pleasing personality and it made me feel at ease.

I had a gut feeling that "these people will look out for me." At no time was I ever anxious. I would refer other people to Charles, because he is a seasoned attorney and that helped a lot with my comfort level.

Connie,   Richmond, VA

My brother met Charles Allen at a veteran’s meeting and told him about my accident. From the first moment I met with Mr. Allen, I knew I was in good hands. Mr. Allen and his team were very professional and courteous. His assistant, Chrissy, was very hands on and they both kept me apprised from beginning to end.

I was extremely impressed with the way his team treated me as if I was part of the Allen family! I was so satisfied with the care and treatment from Charles and his team that I would advise others to use Allen & Allen.

Elise,   Stafford, VA

I had a wonderful experience with Mr. Allen. He was positive and clearly explained the process.  He and his legal assistant, Chrissy, were prompt with communications and gave me weekly progress reports just to make sure I was kept in the loop with what was going on regardless if there were updates or not. The firm was very accommodating to my needs and made sure I had very little traveling to and from the Richmond office. Because of their hard work, I was very pleased with my outcome. I would absolutely refer people to the Allen Law Firm. If someone was in need of a personal injury attorney, I would highly recommend them using Allen & Allen.

Whitaker,   Richmond, VA

The person in the car with me found out about Allen & Allen and we both decided to call. If I could rate Mr. Allen and his legal assistant, Ms. Zazzaretti, they would get at 10 out of 10. It was a great experience working with the two of them. It definitely exceeded my expectations. I’m grateful for everything he and Ms. Zazzaretti did for my case. Her customer service was excellent.

Watching Mr. Allen in the court room was great. Everything went so smoothly. It appeared that the Judge had a lot of respect for him. I was nervous about court and did not really want to get up and testify but Mr. Allen really prepared me and he was so good that it made the experience easy. Without a doubt, I would refer others to Mr. Allen.

Joseph,   Louisa, VA

I work near the Allen Law Firm and have seen their building several times. I also listen to AM radio and have heard their commercials as well as seen them on television. From the moment that I walked into their office, I had a peace and feeling that they had my best interest at heart.

Mr. Allen treated me with kindness and integrity. They always called on me and asked me how I was feeling physically. Mr. Allen explained the whole process to me and kept me informed as the case continued throughout multiple years. His legal assistant, Chrissy called me regularly once or twice a month. I felt as if I was the most important case they had and saw the time and effort they placed on my case as they did all the work behind the scenes. Having their support and expertise on my side was a great reassurance in the midst of a life changing injury.

I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. Mr. Allen explained not only my side of the case but also the other side. He spent hours with me explaining "our" case. He and Chrissy made me feel like I was a part of the team. They always asked if I was comfortable with the case or if I had any questions. Mr. Allen even had an outside mediation to try and settle my case out of court but was still preparing me and our case to go to trial. My case settled the day before court but, Mr. Allen never counted on settling. Charles Allen fought and prepared to go to court. The time, preparation, and resources that they put into my case were amazing. I believe that I had the finest legal counsel available to anyone.

The Allen Law Firm was second to none. From the first moment we met I knew I had a lawyer and a team behind me that believed in honesty, character and integrity as much as I do. I never thought I would need a personal injury lawyer, but I feel that I had the finest lawyer possible for my case. I have already recommended the Allen Law Firm several times to friends and family. I will be eternally grateful and thankful for the representation, council and friendship I received from the law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen.

Roland,   Henrico, VA

My nephew had jury duty in a case where Allen & Allen was representing a client involved in a separate accident. He was impressed with the way the lawyers handled and helped their client, and how Allen & Allen presided over the case.

When I needed a lawyer, he recommended I call Allen & Allen. Mr. Allen and his team are wonderful to work with and they investigated my case thoroughly. I was pleased with the outcome of my case and the legal services and I would definitely recommend Mr. Allen and his team.

Mike,   Henrico, VA

When I was in the hospital, I communicated to my wife that we needed an attorney. She spoke with a friend who had worked with Allen & Allen before, and referred us to them. We didn't even shop around because of our friends' referral.

My experience working with Mr. Allen was great. He made me feel like we had a personal connection. I had never been through this before, but I see professionalism throughout the organization. My interactions with all the staff were very positive. They were outgoing and supportive, from interacting with the investigations department to the receptionist, to all the staff throughout the whole company. They weren't pushy with me, either. That was one of the biggest things for me. I never felt I was being pushed through the system. Mr. Allen was preparing from the beginning as if we were going to court. I have heard from friends that many other attorneys strong arm you to get you through the system, and that's not always what's best. It was always "What do you feel?" with Mr. Allen. He reviewed the options with me between settling and taking the case to trial. I believe that we came out with a great overall result.

Working with Tracy, his legal assistant, was an awesome experience. She has been a strong asset to the case. Everything she's handled has been fantastic. Tracy had an ability to work with us, get along with us, and provide professionalism. You can't beat when you have that type of professional relationship. She found out the answers to all my questions... her response was never "I don't know" or "we can't provide you with that". It was always "let me find out for you". She was always professional, and now my wife and I consider her like family.

Definitely, without a doubt I would refer someone to Allen & Allen, and I already have.

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