Help Your Teen Have a Safe Prom

W. Coleman Allen Jr.

Author: W. Coleman Allen, Jr., Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Prom is a right of passage. It is an institution in the modern teenager’s world. It is dramatized in movies and television. It is supposed to be the perfect night. But for some, Help Your Teen Have a Safe Prom Teen Dancingprom night is very different from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood interpretations.

Last prom season a high school senior was killed on his way home from a prom after party. [1] His friend was driving the car, crossed over the center line and collided with a truck.[2] The truck driver also died. The driver of the car was under the influence of drugs.[3] In another unrelated accident, a teen…

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RESPONSIBLE PARENTING: Providing Alcohol to High School Students Has Stiff Legal Penalties

Author: Attorney Tammy S. Ruble

As the mother of a high school senior, I know this time of year is filled with exciting events and activities for students.  Graduation is just weeks away and many parents will throw parties to celebrate this milestone.  Knowing the allure that alcohol holds for some teens, it may be tempting for parents to try to ensure their children's safety by providing alcohol at these parties, eliminating the need for some teens to drink in secrecy away from home. After all, if they're going to get together and drink, isn't it better for them to drink at home where parents can ensure no one drives or engages in some other dangerous activity while under the influence?

This approach…

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Legal Liability for Other Children at a Sleepover


Author: Attorney Christopher A. Meyer

All of us who are parents have probably either let our children visit other families' homes or have had other children over at our home. Sometimes these are just afternoons, sometimes they are "sleepovers" or even longer. I think we all recognize that when other people's children are placed in our care we have a moral obligation to see that they will be well taken care of. But is there a legal obligation as well?

In a recent case, Kellermann, Administrator v. McDonough (July 17, 2009) the Virginia Supreme Court said yes. In addition the Justices said that if a promise is made, such as the children will not be allowed to be in a car with a young male…

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