How Long Will My Personal Injury Case Take? - VIDEO


Personal injury attorney Paul D. Hux explains the factors that determine how long a personal injury claim can take to resolve.


Hi my name is Paul Hux, I’m a trial attorney and I’m also a partner at the Allen and Allen Law Firm. The first question almost across the board from all of my clients is “how long is my claim going to take?”

Your injuries and treatment affect how long your personal injury case takes to resolve

It depends every single time: how badly you’re hurt, how long you see a doctor, what sort of treatments you need, and how quickly you can get better and be released from your doctor.

Insurance companies review your personal injury case information

Once you’re…

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What Is Umbrella Insurance and Do I Need It? - VIDEO


Richmond, VA based personal injury attorney Jason Konvicka answers the question: “What is Umbrella Insurance and do I need it?"

What is Umbrella Insurance and do I need it?

Sometimes people ask me “what’s an umbrella insurance policy, and do I need one?” An umbrella insurance policy is an extra level of coverage that provides additional insurance coverage to you and your family if you’re involved in a truly catastrophic accident. Insurance companies in Virginia won’t typically provide an umbrella insurance policy unless you have an underlying liability policy of at least $250,000 or $500,000. If you have that type of insurance coverage, and want even more coverage, your only option is an umbrella insurance policy.


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The Benefits of Having Med Pay or Medical Payments Coverage on your Insurance Policy - VIDEO


Fredericksburg, VA based personal injury attorney Kathleen Smith answers the question: “What is medical expense coverage and why should you have it?" and discusses why auto insurance is important.


What is medical expense coverage and why should you have it?

Medical expense coverage, sometimes referred to as med pay, is an optional coverage available for you on your automobile insurance policy. It protects you in case you don’t have health insurance, but you’re injured in an accident, whether it’s your fault or not. It will not only cover you, it’ll cover anyone in your family, and anyone who happens to be in your vehicle at the time of the collision.

Why is medical expense…

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Does Virginia Require Me To Have Car Insurance? - VIDEO

Ryan E. Wind, Mechanicsville Personal Injury Attorney

Mechanicsville, VA based personal injury attorney Ryan E. Wind answers the question: “Do I have to have car insurance in Virginia?” and discusses why auto insurance is important.


Insurance Requirements in Virginia

My name is Ryan Wind, and I’m a trial attorney at Allen and Allen. Often I’ve been asked “do I have to have car insurance in Virginia?” Technically no, but if you choose not to have automobile insurance then you have to pay a $500 fee every year.

You Should Have Auto Insurance

It is important to have automobile insurance because it protects you in two different situations. One situation is when you cause a collision; the automobile insurance protects you so you will not be personally…

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How Much Car Insurance Is Right For You? - VIDEO

Jason W. Konvicka, Richmond, VA Medical Malpractice Attorney

Richmond, VA based personal injury attorney Jason W. Konvicka answers the question "How Much Car Insurance Is Right For You?"

What to consider when buying car insurance

My name is Jason Konvicka, and I’m a trial attorney with the Allen Law Firm. Many times I’m asked “how much coverage should I have on my car insurance policy?” The most important thing is to consider that car insurance is protecting you in two ways. It protects you if you cause an accident, but it also protects you if you’re injured by someone else who has either no coverage, no insurance at all, or very little insurance coverage.


Car insurance coverage amounts

I always recommend that people buy as much insurance as they can…

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What is Medical Malpractice? - VIDEO


Richmond, VA based medical malpractice attorney Malcolm P. McConnell answers the question "what is medical malpractice?"

Doctors are human; they’re allowed to make mistakes


Bad things sometimes happen during medical care, it doesn’t mean that there’s been medical malpractice or that the doctor did anything wrong. And it’s not medical malpractice if another doctor would have done things differently from the way your doctor did them. Doctors sometimes reasonably disagree on what the best approach to a patient problem is.

The doctor does something unreasonable

It’s medical malpractice when a doctor does something unreasonable, something no reasonable physician would have done under the circumstances.…

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Why is medical treatment important in a personal injury case? - VIDEO

Edward L. Allen, Fredericksburg, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorney Edward L. Allen explains the importance of seeking medical treatment and being a good patient following a personal injury.

See a doctor

Going to the doctor and following the doctor’s advice is going to help you get better physically. if you've been injured, it’s going to help you recover from the injuries that you’ve had.

Keep records of your medical visits

Medical appointments and the records of those appointments provide documentation of what you’ve gone through. In the future, the doctor or specialist will be able to explain what injuries you have and what the future looks like for you.

Follow the doctor's recommendations

It’s important to follow your doctor’s…

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What Are the Texting and Driving Laws in Virginia? - VIDEO


Personal injury attorney Jamie “Mick” Kessel explains the dangers of texting and driving and the laws enacted to reduce this risk.


In addition to texting, any distraction that could divert a driver’s attention away from the road is a dangerous activity. These distractions include:

Using a cell phone or smartphone Eating and drinking Talking to passengers Grooming Reading, including maps Using a navigation system Watching a video Adjusting a radio, CD player, or MP3 player

Under Virginia law, texting while driving is a primary offense for drivers of all ages. A violation carries a fine of $125.00 for a first offense and a fine of $250.00 for subsequent offenses. This law does not apply…

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Can You Understand Your Insurance Policy Simply By Reading It? VIDEO


As you take the next steps after an accident or injury, you may look for answers to your questions by reading your insurance policy. However, that document may not provide all the information you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Senior partner and trial attorney Coleman Allen describes the challenges you face when you read your insurance policy and try to understand it.


Insurance coverage is complex

Can you understand your insurance policy simply by reading it? The answer is no -  insurance coverage is a very complex area. Words that are used in your insurance policy have special technical meanings, and don't mean what they mean in everyday usage.

Some benefits aren't described…

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How Do We Determine The Value of a Case? - VIDEO


Personal injury attorney David Williams explains the answer to one of our most frequently asked questions: “how do we determine the value of this case?”


The process of determining an ultimate value on a personal injury case is difficult and complex. Every case is different, and that’s why you need a personal injury law firm that has experience to guide you through that process. 

Our lawyers have significant experience in personal injury law and are able to give our clients a pretty good range of a value on a case. Here’s what we look at:

The accident itself

The first thing to consider in evaluating a personal injury case is the accident itself. How significant was this accident? Were…

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