Career Days with Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen

Author: Attorney Tammy Stafford Ruble

Every year our Firm is invited to participate in a large number of school career days at elementary, middle and high schools, and I have had the pleasure of speaking at many of these events.  I particularly enjoy the opportunity to tallk to the elementary school students.

Usually I start by introducing myself, telling the children where I work and my title, and then asking if any of them know any lawyers.   Older students will often mention President Obama, Governor McDonnell, or former Governor Kaine, and nearly every child is familiar with Judge Judy or one of the other television judges.

I then explain the educational requirements to earn a law degree,…

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How the American Legal System Contributes to Safety: Motor Vehicle Safety - AJJ Reports

An American Association for Justice Report: Driven to Safety

Introduction by Attorney P. Christopher Guedri

We hear a lot these days about the costs that the American legal systems imposes on the economy, in terms of supposedly unnecessary additional expenses, such as medical tests, safety equipment, large verdicts, and ridiculous warnings.  Those claims support the views of those who want to limit legal rights of consumers and who want to be able to ignore safety with little risk of being held responsible for the results of their actions.   What we don't often hear about is the tremendous benefits of the American legal system in terms of making us all safer.   Nowhere is this…

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The University of Richmond School of Law welcomes David Epstein as George E. Allen Chair Professor

August 23, 2010 - The University of Richmond School of Law is pleased to welcome Professor David Epstein to the faculty as the newly appointed George E. Allen Chair in Law.

An expert in bankruptcy law and an award-winning teacher, Epstein will teach bankruptcy, creditors' rights, contracts, and commercial law courses. He also will teach an undergraduate first-year seminar in the School of Arts & Sciences.

Epstein comes to Richmond Law from Dallas, where he taught at Southern Methodist University Dedman School of law and was of counsel to the Dallas-based law firm Haynes and Boone. Previously, he was a tenured law professor at the…

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100 HOMETOWN HEROES Grand Finale at The Diamond, August 25, 2010

Fireworks, Baseball, and Local Heroes

Richmond, Virginia -- The Virginia personal injury law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen will celebrate all 100 winners of its HOMETOWN HEROES award on August 25, 2010 at a Flying Squirrels baseball game at The Diamond in Richmond, Virginia.  Firemen, policemen, foster parents, disability advocates, and other heroes from around the Commonwealth will be highlighted throughout the evening, including fireworks in their honor.

Nominations for Allen and Allen's 100 HOMETOWN HEROES award were accepted from April 19, 2010 to May 7, 2010.   The public was asked to complete a nomination form in honor of their favorite local community leader.  The law firm,…

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Racing like a pro - Allen & Allen Sponsored Bridget Murray at the Soap Box Derby

Racing like a pro


By Caroline Gecker Chesterfield Observer INTERN

Rising fifth-grader Bridget Murray is the best driver in metro Richmond - or at least the best soap box stock car driver.

Bridget was recently named the champion of the stock car division of the Richmond Soap Box Derby, quite a feat for a first-time participant. Her impressive journey did not end there, however, as her first-place finish qualified her for a trip of a lifetime to the 73rd All-American Soap Box Derby in Akron, Ohio.

Bridget's mother, LeeAnn, works as a receptionist at the Chesterfield office…

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Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen: Serving Southside Virginians for 100 Years

The year 2010 marks the one hundredth anniversary of the personal injury law firm of Allen & Allen. In 1910, George E. Allen opened his first law office across the street from the Lunenburg County Courthouse. Since that day, Allen attorneys have represented thousands of Petersburg and Southside Virginia residents in their fight to obtain justice under the law.

Although George Allen moved both his law practice and his family to Richmond during the Depression, he continued to handle legal work for his old constituents in southern Virginia. This tradition continued as his firm grew and other lawyers, including his sons and grandchildren, joined him.

By the late 1980s, the Allen Firm served residents from all over…

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News Story: Hometown Heroes Honored in Charlottesville at Fridays After Five

View the CBS 19 News Story Video Law Firm Honors "100 Hometown Heroes" at Fridays After Five

Posted: 11:22 PM Jul 9, 2010 Reporter: Jennifer Black Email Address:

July 9, 2010

After months of collecting nominations, the Richmond-based personal injury law firm Allen & Allen chose their list of "100 Hometown Heroes." The law firm seeking nominations from all across central Virginia to help celebrate their 100th anniversary. Of the 100 heroes selected, 33 are from the Charlottesville area.

During the weekly Fridays After Five concert series at the Charlottesville Pavilion, staff from Allen & Allen and Mayor Dave Norris helped introduce the local heroes.

"We just wanted…

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Allen & Allen Recognizes Hometown Heroes in Charlottesville - an NBC 29 News Story

Charlottesville Recognizes a Few Local Heroes

Jul 09, 2010 10:02 PM EDT Jul 09, 2010 10:07 PM EDT

Source: Please view the video news clip from NBC 29 for the full story: Charlottesville Recognizes a Few Local Heroes When Allen and Allen law firm hit their centennial, they decided to honor 100 heroes across Virginia. The Charlottesville community recognized 33 of those heroes on Friday.   Allen and Allen said, "Everybody should, and most people do, give back to their communities. Some people do it in a greater way to people who are perhaps in more need."   Mildred Spicer started the Therapeutic Recreation Program for Charlottesville Parks and Recreation in 1979. After…

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100 HOMETOWN HEROES Announced: Law Firm of Allen & Allen Begins Celebration Series

 Richmond, Virginia -- The personal injury law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen today announced the winners of the 100 HOMETOWN HEROES award in celebration of the firm's centennial anniversary.

"It's time to celebrate," said Douglas A. Barry, President. "In honor of Allen & Allen's one hundred year anniversary, we are thanking the people who make up the communities we serve and recognizing the everyday heroes who make Virginia a great place to live."

Nominations for the 100 HOMETOWN HEROES award were accepted from April 19, 2010 to May 7, 2010. The public was asked to complete a nomination form in honor of their favorite local hero. "We wanted to hear directly from the community what defines a hero. As a result,…

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Why do I need an attorney to represent me in my personal injury case?

The insurance policy requires the person who caused your accident to contact the insurance company promptly. As soon as the accident is reported to the company, they begin an investigation and begin preparing to defend the company against your claim. Insurance company employees are knowledgeable about claims and are trained to make your claim cost the insurance company as little as possible.

You need someone knowledgeable working on your claim and looking out for your interests as soon as possible also. If you've been injured after an accident, you should consult an attorney right away. A lawyer can help you decide whether it is in your best interests to pursue a claim and how to do so.

What can a personal injury…

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