Product Liability - An Overview of the Law of Dangerous and Defective Products

Jason W. Konvicka, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Jason W. Konvicka, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Products liability is an area of the law that relates to the legal responsibility of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers for defective products that injure those using the products after they enter the marketplace. Various parties may be responsible for a dangerous product. They include the designers of a product, the manufacturers of component parts (parts used to make a product), an assembling manufacturer (the company that takes the component parts and assembles them in to the final product), a packaging and user manual creator (who prepares warnings, instructions, labels, and directions), wholesalers (who sell the products from…

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Women in Law

Author: Attorney Tammy Ruble, Esquire

When I graduated from high school in 1977, I was honored to win a scholarship for a "Woman Going Into a Non-Traditional Field" from a local women's group.  I was a bit surprised by the name of the award, as it had never occurred to me that a woman in law was considered unusual.

The year I started college, only 30.1% of the persons entering law school were women. When I started law school in 1981, the number had risen to 37.2%.  The percentage continued to edge up and was 47.1% for the entering class in 2009.[1] Despite this increase, in 2009 the U. S Bureau of Labor statistics reported that only 32.4% of all lawyers were women, although it is encouraging to…

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Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen Mourns the Death of Founder Wilbur C. Allen 1925-2011

 It is with sadness that the members of the law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen announce the death of Wilbur C. Allen on January 18, 2010. Wilbur Allen was a founding member of the law firm, along with his father, George E. Allen, Sr.; and his two brothers, George E. Allen, Jr. and Ashby B. Allen.

Mr. Allen served as a Lieutenant JG in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific Theater during the Second World War, from 1944 to 1947.  He graduated with a B.S. from the University of Virginia and received his law degree from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1950.

Mr. Allen practiced law for 50 years and built a reputation as a fierce advocate for the thousands of injured people he represented.  He leaves an outstanding…

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Virginia 2010 Traffic Statistics: Fatalities are a Record Low - But Not Low Enough

Author: Attorney Paul D. Hux

On December 30, 2010, Governor Bob McDonnell informed the citizens of the Commonwealth that traffic fatalities reached a record low in 2010 for the second straight year in Virginia.  As of that date, he reported, there were 715 road deaths reported statewide as compared with 750 on this same last year.  This decrease occurred even with drivers logging more miles than any previous year.  The data represents a 5 decrease in fatalities from 2009, and a 30% decrease from the record high of 1,026 fatalities in 2007.[1]

Many different groups and reasons can be cited for this improvement.  One cause is state and local law enforcement agencies have implemented more programs…

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It's That Time of Year Again - Safe Holiday Travel Tips

Author Attorney Kathleen Llewellyn-Duncan

The holidays are a time for getting together with family and friends.  Since the cost and hassle of airline travel is going up, many people will be driving to their destinations for the holidays. In addition, shopping also puts more people on the roads during this time of year.  Here are some hints to help you prevent or avoid travel disasters.

1. MAINTAIN YOUR VEHICLE: Get a tune up and oil change shortly before you hit the road. Delays due to preventable mechanical failures can be avoided. Check the tire pressure in your tires. Be sure your spare tire is also in good shape.


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Current Research: Understanding the Psychology Behind Juror Decision Making

 Author: Attorney George E. Allen, III

A good lawyer must be able to reach people and particularly jurors.  Recent developments in the psychology of human decision-making are helping us do that.  The old teaching was that the minds of people serving as jurors are empty vessels and that you tell the story of your case and the jury takes that information and makes a decision.

The study of human decision-making shows that people actually do not "make decisions," they "realize" decisions and then write or re-write your case in their heads and search for reasons/facts to fit the decision.  They form early impressions and conclusions often based upon beliefs or factors arising at an unconscious level. …

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Annual Law Enforcement Awards Ceremony of MADD of Virginia

Author: Attorney Melinda H. South

Recently I had the privilege of attending the Annual Law Enforcement Awards Ceremony of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving - Virginia Chapter) at the Chesterfield Airport.  It was a moving evening to see the men and women of the local police departments and sheriffs' offices recognized for their contributions in stopping drunk drivers and in turn making the highways safer. The evening recognized officers in Central Virginia from Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico, Hanover, Goochland, Powhatan, Dinwiddie, Petersburg, Prince George, New Kent, Surry, Sussex, Hopewell, Emporia, Colonial Heights and Greensville.

Speaking on behalf of the Allen firm and…

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Picnic Safety: Let's tailgate! I mean, let's tailgate safely!

Author: Attorney Paul D. Hux

The weather is cooling, the leaves are changing and many people's interest turns to ?.. FOOTBALL!  We all enjoy getting together and going to games to cheer on our team.  But, before the game actually kicks off, many begin the festivities with tailgating.

Tailgating is the exercise of serving food and drink from the tailgate of your car.  The set ups for these gatherings have grown to include gas grills attached to trailer hitches, large screen TVs with satellite dishes, and more food than you could find at your local grocer.

While the tailgate party is great - and many times much more fulfilling than the final result of the game - we must all be sensible and…

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Protect Your Teenage Driver with These Safe Driving Tips

  Author: Attorney Kathleen Smith (Llewellyn-Duncan)

The leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States is an automobile crash.

Every year motor vehicle crashes take the lives of over 4,000 teenagers nationwide, which is about 11 teen deaths every day.  Parents of teen drivers should educate their children and explain they can reduce the risks of harm by following some basic safety rules. Talk to your teenager about driving safely with these helpful tips:

1.         Don't speed.

The faster you are going, the longer it will take to come to a stop if you encounter any unexpected dangers while driving.  Generally the longer you have been driving, the better…

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Building A Bridge - Offering Support to Traumatic Brain Injury Patients in Charlottesville

Author: Attorney P. Christopher Guedri

Many of our clients have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A traumatic brain injury can drastically change the life of the victim and their loved ones. In some severe cases, the person who has suffered the brain injury is no longer able to live independently and needs temporary or permanent living assistance.

In Charlottesville one organization is dedicated to proving living assistance to adults with traumatic brain injuries: Building a Bridge.

The Building a Bridge (hereafter "The Bridge")organization, a tax-exempt Virginia corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, operates in the City of Charlottesville.…

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