Can You Understand Your Insurance Policy Simply By Reading It? VIDEO


As you take the next steps after an accident or injury, you may look for answers to your questions by reading your insurance policy. However, that document may not provide all the information you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Senior partner and trial attorney Coleman Allen describes the challenges you face when you read your insurance policy and try to understand it.


Insurance coverage is complex

Can you understand your insurance policy simply by reading it? The answer is no -  insurance coverage is a very complex area. Words that are used in your insurance policy have special technical meanings, and don't mean what they mean in everyday usage.

Some benefits aren't described…

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What’s in a Name? Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen!

George E. Allen Sr.

Almost weekly, we receive questions about the firm’s name: Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen.

The name of the firm actually refers to the founders of the firm: George E. Allen, Sr. and his three sons, Wilbur Allen, Ashby Allen and George Allen, Jr. Founded in 1910, Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen is the oldest and largest personal injury law firms in Virginia.

Today the Firm’s 30+ attorneys include the 3rd and 4th generation of the Allen family in addition to personal injury attorneys and Partners who are not members of the Allen family. Because the family legacy lives on, the name remains today. While in conversation, “Allen & Allen” is used, the full name of “Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen” continues as a tribute to the…

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New Distracted Driving Study Bad News for Smart Technology

Coleman Allen

Author: W. Coleman Allen, Jr., Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Hands-free devices took a major blow recently with the release of a new study declaring them a major distraction to drivers on the road. [1] For years both car and cell-phone companies have addressed distracted driving safety concerns with products designed to let drivers keep their hands on the wheel. Now it seems that even voice recognition causes major distractions for drivers.

Details of Study

The study in question was conducted by the American Automobile Association (AAA) and bears the weighty title of “Mental Workload of Common Voice-Based Vehicle Interactions across Six Different Vehicle Systems.”[2] It placed…

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Why Should Someone Choose Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen?


Coleman Allen, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

The aftermath of an accident is accompanied by a tremendous amount of stress. Not only are you trying to get back to your daily routine, you are probably also juggling doctors appointments, calls from the insurance company, and missed time from work. Maybe you think you need to hire an attorney but you're too overwhelmed to know where to start. This is where our experienced law firm comes into the equation.


Firm partner Coleman Allen discusses just a few of the many reasons someone should choose Allen & Allen to handle their personal injury claim in the short video below.

1. We are experienced

There is no substitute…

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Allen & Allen Attorneys Recognized in Best Lawyers in America and as Lawyer of the Year in 2015

The Allen Law Firm is pleased to announce that six Allen & Allen attorneys have been recognized in the 2015 edition of Best Lawyers in America. For over thirty years, Best Lawyers has published their list of exemplary legal professionals and it has since become one of the highest respected peer-review publications.

Edward L. Allen was selected in 2015 Best Lawyers in America for Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs in Fredericksburg, VA.  George Edward Allen, III, W. Coleman Allen, Jr. and P. Christopher Guedri were selected in 2015 Best Lawyers in America for Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs in Richmond, VA, Malcolm P. McConnell, III was selected in 2015 Best Lawyers in America for Medical Malpractice Law –…

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Meet Virginia Personal Injury Attorney W. Coleman Allen, Jr. - VIDEO

Coleman Allen is partner and personal injury lawyer with The Allen Law Firm in Richmond VA. He has a career spanning over 30 years with the Virginia personal injury law firm Allen & Allen. In addition to car accident cases and truck accident cases, Coleman has successfully handled cases involving defective products, brain injury, wrongful death and aviation accidents. In the strong tradition of his father and grandfather before him, Coleman recognizes the importance of working closely with local, state and federal politicians to maintain and improve rights for personal injury victims. To learn more about Coleman Allen, visit:



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Understanding a Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy: Can You Tell What Benefits You Are Entitled to Just by Reading the Policy Yourself?

Author: Attorney W. Coleman Allen, Jr.

The short answer to this question is an emphatic "NO!"  The answer is emphatic, because the language of the policy might not only be incomplete, but actually misleading.  Consequently you may miss coverage to which you are entitled that is not even described in the policy, and may in addition fail to recognize what coverage is provided, because some of the terms used in the policy have very different meanings than they do in everyday conversation.

The "Rules of the Road" concerning insurance coverage are provided by state rather than federal law in the United States, under the U.S. Constitution.[2] So the rights of injured motorists in policies issued for…

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