Motorcycle Safety: Reduce Your Risk of Serious Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

Author. Bridget N.Long - Richmond Personal Injury Attorney

According to the Virginia Highway Safety Office, in 2012, motorcycle riders who were injured made up about 3% of all traffic injuries in Virginia.[1] Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents accounted for over 10% of all traffic fatalities in that same year.[2] When motorcyclists are involved in traffic accidents, the injuries they receive more usually more serious than other motor vehicle operators, and these injuries are more often fatal. The most common injuries from motorcycle accidents are injuries to the brain, the spine, and the internal organs, as well as broken bones (fractures), all of which can be life-threatening. A fracture can be debilitating…

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Voted Best Local Attorney by Style Weekly Magazine

The Best of Richmond issue by Style Weekly Magazine was released on May 22, 2013. Allen & Allen is proud to be recognized as Best Local Attorney by the readers of Style Weekly. Thank you Richmond. This is the second year in a row Allen & Allen was chosen as "Best Local Attorney" in the Richmond area. To read the full article, click here:

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What is “Discovery” in a Civil Case?

Author: Charles Littlepage “Litt” Allen -  Richmond, VA Personal Injury Lawyer

Our Circuit Courts[1] across the Commonwealth of Virginia adjudicate both criminal and civil cases.  However, the right of the parties to require disclosure of information from each other before trial is quite different in a civil case than a criminal one.  The scope of discovery in civil cases is quite broad.  In fact, there are specific rules, commonly called “the Rules of Discovery,” which apply to the disclosure of information in civil cases filed in our Circuit Courts.  These Rules state that “parties may obtain discovery regarding any matter, not privileged, which is relevant to the subject matter involved in the pending…

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Free Sober Rides Home in Metro Richmond, VA New Year's Eve 2012

The personal injury law firm of Allen & Allen and Napoleon Taxi are teaming up this New Year's Eve to keep metro Richmond area streets safe.

Allen & Allen and Napoleon Taxi will be offering Free Sober Rides Home to patrons from 11 PM New Year's Eve - 3:00 AM January 1, 2013.

Ask for the Free Sober Ride Home when you call Napoleon Taxi, and Allen & Allen will pick up the tab to get you home safely.

To Schedule Cab Rides, Call Napoleon Taxi at 804-354-8294 or 354-TAXI.

Free cab rides available 11 PM New Year's Eve - 3:00 AM January 1, 2013. Available within the metro Richmond area. Free Rides are only applicable for rides home. Rides to another drinking establishment…

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DRIVING SAFETY: Causes of Road Fatalities and Injuries In Virginia

Author: P. Christopher Guedri, Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

Hundreds of people are killed in car crashes every year throughout the state of Virginia. According to the Virginia Department of Transportation, car wrecks are the leading cause of death for Virginia residents under the age of thirty. While car accidents are caused by a variety of circumstances, there are three factors that contribute to a large number of Virginia highway accidents and death: driver behavior, vehicle safety, and environmental factors.

Highway accidents are frequently caused by drivers' actions. There are many distractions that cause a driver to take his or her attention off the road: talking on a cell phone or texting,…

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Motor Vehicle Safety: Top 10 Most Dangerous Vehicles

Author: Scott D. Fitzgerald, Richmond, VA Car Accident Attorney

We all know that driving or riding in a car can be dangerous, but there are some vehicles that are particularly worrisome. This article is designed to educate you about some of the most dangerous cars on the market today, as well as what exactly makes them unsafe compared to the competition. Compiled by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the following 10 vehicles garnered the lowest safety ratings, as measured by the number of fatalities per mile driven between 2006 and 2009[1]:

Nissan 350Z Nissan Titan Crew Cab (extended cab) Chevrolet Aveo Chevrolet Cobalt Nissan Titan Kia Spectra Chevrolet Malibu Hyundai Tiburon Nissan…

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George E. Allen Chair at University of Richmond Law School: Legal Education of the Highest Standard

By: George E. Allen, III - Richmond Personal Injury Attorney 

To honor and continue the legacy of excellence established by their founding partner, George E. Allen, his three sons and partners at the Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen law firm, George E. Allen, Jr., Ashby B. Allen, and Wilbur C. Allen established and contributed the primary funding for the George E. Allen Chair at the University of Richmond Law School in 1982.  Many other members of the Allen family and in the Allen Law Firm also contributed to this worthwhile project.

A Chair gives the University the financial backing to attract highly distinguished professors to the faculty as "chair holders."  Many law schools of the highest standing…

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Halloween Safety Tips

Attorney: Robert C. T. Reed, Richmond Personal Injury Attorney

With Halloween fast approaching, soon all manner of ghosts, goblins, fairies, and princesses will be taking to the streets in search of candy.  This fun communal event is exciting for children young and old.  We all know there can be dangers involved with strangers giving out candy, so adults are encouraged to chaperone their children closely during trick-or-treating.  However, there are other avoidable dangers associated with the witch's brew of roaming children, costumes, darkness, drivers, fire-lit jack o'lanterns, and unfamiliar homes.  Most Halloween accidents can be avoided with some preparation and by following a few safety tips.  Parents,…

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MEDICAL TREATMENT: Treatment and Rehabilitation After a Spinal Cord Injury

Author: Jason W. Konvicka, Richmond Personal Injury Attorney

If you suffer a spinal cord injury, prompt recognition and treatment is of paramount importance. Initial medical assessment at the accident scene will focus on minimizing the affects of your head or neck trauma. Emergency personnel will quickly immobilize your spine, often using a hard neck collar and a body board, as they prepare you for transport to a hospital.

Your preliminary evaluation at the hospital will include careful examination and testing of motor and sensory function. Radiographic testing such as x-rays, computerized tomography (CT) scan, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may also be used to look for any injury to your…

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Jury Selection in a Civil Case in Virginia

Author:  Charles "Litt" Allen, Richmond Personal Injury Attorney

Our personal injury cases are typically tried in Circuit Courts in our Commonwealth.[1]  Generally civil trials in Circuit Court in Virginia require seven jurors who must agree unanimously on the outcome.[2]

The Constitution provides our right to trial by jury, and jury selection is controlled by statute.  On the day on which jurors have been notified to appear at court, they are selected randomly until a panel of 13 is achieved.[3]  Thereafter, the judge and counsel for either the plaintiff or defendant shall have the right to examine under oath any person called as a juror.  Their questions are intended to ascertain whether such…

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