Tips for a Safe Halloween


Author: Courtney Allen Van Winkle, Richmond Personal Injury Attorney

Halloween is a fun, exciting time of year, especially for children.  It can also be a scary time – accidents and injuries can happen, even during all of the activities and excitement.[1]  To keep Halloween safe for everybody, follow some basic safety tips.[2]

Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips Always trick-or-treat with a group, never alone.[3] Carry a flashlight to make sure drivers can see you.[4]  Applying reflective tape to costumes or treat bags can also help make you visible in the dark.[5] Walk while trick-or-treating.[6] Running in costumes can cause tripping, falling, and other accidents.[7] Be careful crossing streets,…

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The Risks of Teenage Driving

Courtney Allen Van Winkle, Richmond Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Courtney Allen Van Winkle, Richmond Personal Injury Attorney

As parents we all know the joy and pride of watching our children grow older and more independent. But some milestones, like taking to the road as a driver, also inspire fear and worry. Studies show that our concerns are justified. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among young people aged 15-20. In 2012 more than 2,800 teenagers were killed in car accidents, accounting for roughly 10% of all passenger vehicle deaths.[1]

Everyone knows that teens are at a greater risk for car accidents. We can’t just skip our teenage years, but we can be aware of the specific behaviors that increase the risk of an accident:


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The Allen Law Firm Participates in 9th Annual Legal Food Frenzy Benefiting Federation of Virginia Food Banks


Author: Courtney Allen Van Winkle, Richmond Personal Injury Attorney

Now that the two-week "frenzy" of collecting donations and counting cans has come to a close, there is time to reflect on our 9th year of participating in this amazing competition. Lawyers and law firms do love to compete inside the courtroom and the Legal Food Frenzy is a great opportunity to challenge each other outside the courtroom as well. Reducing hunger in Virginia is a cause we can all agree on. With almost one million people in Virginia not knowing where their next meal will come from, the need is enormous. Local food banks provide reliable and nutritious food to children who need adequate nutrition to succeed in school, to…

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Should I Give a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company? - VIDEO


The aftermath of a car accident is a confusing time, and many people are eager to put the whole ordeal behind them. The insurance company of the person that hit you may ask you for a recorded statement. You may want to be helpful, but answering their questions in a recorded statement can be dangerous to your claim.


Personal injury attorney Courtney Allen Van Winkle explains why you should not give a recorded statement to an insurance company after an accident without the advice and guidance of an attorney.

Insurance companies reduce the amount they pay out in claims by denying those claims. Since they need a reason to deny your claim, they’re going to use your recorded statement to find one.…

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What’s in a Name? Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen!

George E. Allen Sr.

Almost weekly, we receive questions about the firm’s name: Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen.

The name of the firm actually refers to the founders of the firm: George E. Allen, Sr. and his three sons, Wilbur Allen, Ashby Allen and George Allen, Jr. Founded in 1910, Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen is the oldest and largest personal injury law firms in Virginia.

Today the Firm’s 30+ attorneys include the 3rd and 4th generation of the Allen family in addition to personal injury attorneys and Partners who are not members of the Allen family. Because the family legacy lives on, the name remains today. While in conversation, “Allen & Allen” is used, the full name of “Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen” continues as a tribute to the…

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Car Seat and Winter Coat Safety


Author: Courtney Allen Van Winkle, Short Pump, VA Personal Injury Attorney

We all know that the winter months bring additional driving hazards, but you might not have thought about the dangers associated with bulky winter coats and children’s car seats. The modern car seat is a highly specialized piece of equipment designed to absorb the impact of a car accident and disperse it into the seat. Strapping a child who is wearing a bulky coat into a car seat can cause the straps to become too loose, which can prevent the seat from performing properly.  If the straps are too loose, and an accident occurs, the child might slide forward in the seat, preventing the force of the accident from being properly distributed.[1]


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Responsible Gifting: The Importance of Checking for Recalls and Safety Hazards


Attorney: Courtney Van Winkle, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

The holiday season is a time for visiting with friends and family and for the giving and receiving of gifts. There is no better feeling than giving someone just the right present and watching their face light up. But the gift-giving season also creates some safety issues. Every year thousands of products are recalled from stores, yet still end up under the Christmas tree. For example, a recall has already been issued this year for 7.2 million single-serving Keurig coffee makers, predicted to be one of the most popular gifts this Christmas.1

If you are concerned about a particular present, the government…

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Drowning Can Be a Silent Killer: Signs of Drowning and the Importance of Keeping Your Eyes on the Water

Author: Courtney Allen Van Winkle, Personal Injury Attorney, Short Pump, VA

Although it has been almost 15 years and my oldest son is now grown, I still clearly remember my friend Jackie’s words when she cried out, “Is Wil ok?” I turned and saw my 7 year old submerged under water. We were at a friend’s back yard pool and I had been unpacking towels and getting the baby situated in the stroller. Wilson’s terrified eyes were wide open under the water. He was right in the area where the shallow end gradually becomes the deep. He was not ok. I jumped in and pulled him out. He choked and spit up some water but thankfully he was fine. We never heard a sound, not a splash or a call for help.…

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General Motors Recalls: A Full List of Recalled Vehicles

Courtney Allen Van Winkle, Personal Injury Attorney, Richmond and Short Pump VA

Author: Courtney Allen Van Winkle, Personal Injury Attorney, Richmond and Short Pump VA

As of July 22nd, General Motors has recalled 27 million cars, trucks and SUV’s in 2014. The number of cars recalled has surpassed the number of vehicles GM sold in the past five years.

Allen & Allen is currently investigating claims for people who were injured or killed in accidents involving GM vehicles that were recently recalled. If you or a loved one were injured in an accident involving one of those vehicles, please contact us today for a free consultation at 866-388-1307. 

Here is a list of the General Motors recalled vehicles to date in 2014:

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Attorney Courtney Van Winkle Talks About Distracted Driving with Huffington Post

Author: Courtney Allen Van Winkle, Personal Injury Lawyer, Richmond and Short Pump Virginia

With the amount of technology readily available to any young driver, the temptation of checking that new text may be hard to resist, even when driving down the road. Teen drivers are at risk for believing themselves to be safe behind the wheel of the car, and statistics show that many teens feel confident in their abilities to text and drive. But those five seconds of distraction could mean the loss of someone else’s life – or your own.

Attorney Courtney Allen Van Winkle was featured in the recent Huffington Post article on “The Dangers Behind Teen Texting While Driving” by Dorit Sasson. In the article,…

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