If I Have the Right of Way, Can I Be Sued for Waving Another Car to Go?

J. David “Dave” Douthit, Esq., Richmond, VA Personal Injury Trial Lawyer

 Author: J. David "Dave" Douthit, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Lawyer

Yes, you can. Drivers who have the right of way will often wave to other cars, indicating that they may proceed before them. There are circumstances in which a wave of this manner can subject a driver to tort liability - when a person unfairly causes someone else to suffer loss or harm.

The Virginia Supreme Court has adopted a principle from the Nolde Brothers v. Wray trial in 1980. In Nolde Brothers v. Wray, the Court stated: If a driver’s waving signal was or could be interpreted to another driver as a signal to proceed across lanes of incoming traffic then the driver who waves has to be certain the other driver…

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Protect Your Head by Using Your Headrest Correctly

Amy S. Whitelaw, Richmond, Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

 Author: Amy S. Whitelaw, Richmond, Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

Before we drive our cars, we take numerous precautions to ensure a safe trip. Wearing seatbelts, adjusting mirrors, making sure our tires are properly inflated, and that our brakes are in working condition help to protect passengers in our vehicles. There’s one more thing passengers can do to help protect themselves in the event of a car accident: properly adjusting their headrests.

When a vehicle is in an accident, passengers can experience a common injury known as whiplash.[1]  Whiplash occurs when a person’s neck snaps back and forth like a cracking of a whip, causing neck pain, stiffness, and headaches.[2] The National…

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Why Being A Good Patient Is Important For Your Recovery

Charles Littlepage Allen, Richmond Personal Injury Attorney

 Author: Attorney Charles L. Allen

Many people who are injured in auto accidents fail to realize the importance of their relationship with their medical providers. As in any relationship, poor communication can create problems. I stress to my clients the need to be a "good patient", and it is advice that any injured person could benefit from.

Being a good patient requires three things:

You must keep your medical appointments. Be on time so you don't waste the doctor or other health care providers' time, and so you are not rushed or distracted when you see the doctor. You want the doctor to be fully focused on your health problems, and not irritated that you arrived late…

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Following at a Safe Distance


Author: R. Christopher Jones, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Vehicles are becoming more sophisticated every year as automakers introduce more equipment aimed at creating a safer driving experience.  Recently, crash prevention systems have been introduced to reduce rear-end collisions, and for good reason - the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that over 40% of the car accidents on U.S. roads (2.5 million) are rear-enders. In some vehicles, the technology is so advanced that they can brake automatically to avoid objects. In the future, these automated systems may become standard equipment.  Until that day, drivers must take affirmative steps to avoid these…

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What Should I Do If I've Been Injured in an Accident?


Speaker: R. Christopher Jones, Richmond, VA Car Accident Lawyer

The moments after a car accident can be scary, confusing, and overwhelming. Should you call the police? Should you contact your insurance company? Should you speak with witnesses? All of these are questions that may be running through your head.


Personal injury attorney Chris Jones explains what steps you should take if you've been injured in an accident.

1. Seek Immediate Medical Assistance

If you are injured, the most important thing you need to do is seek immediate medical assistance. If you are able, call 911 and explain your injuries as thoroughly as possible.

2. Contact the Police and…

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Why Do You Need to Contact an Attorney Promptly After an Accident?


Trent S. Kerns, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

If you have never been involved in an accident, you may not realize how helpful the early advice of an experienced attorney can be. Contacting an attorney promptly after an accident is important for a number of reasons. Attorney Trent Kerns discusses a few of these reasons in the short video below.


Early Investigation

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, early investigation can be critically important. It may be necessary to preserve evidence at the accident and photograph skid marks, tire marks, and other physical evidence.


People move, change phone numbers and get new e-mail addresses…

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The Dangers of Left Hand Turns: Alternative Traffic Patterns Seek to Reduce Intersection Collisions Nationwide


Author: Tammy S. Ruble, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

I grew up and obtained my driver’s license in New Jersey, so I’m very familiar with the roadway design known as a “jug handle.”  Although a few other states use them as well, the design is primarily associated with New Jersey.  A jug handle[1] allows drivers to make a left turn at an intersection controlled by a traffic light by having them turn right off the main road onto a sort of access road, then turn left onto the crossroad, and wait for a green light to drive back across the main road.  The effect is the same as turning left from the main road onto the crossroad. 

Advantages of the Jug Handle

One advantage of the jug…

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Do I Notify My Insurance Company After an Accident?

Scott D. Fitzgerald, Richmond Personal Injury Lawyer

Speaker: Scott D. Fitzgerald, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney


It's normal to have many questions following a car accident. One of the first things you may be wondering is whether or not you should contact your insurance company. Perhaps you feel it's unnecessary to call your insurance company if the accident was not your fault because you are expecting the other drivers insurance company to accept responsibility.

In this short video attorney Scott Fitzgerald discusses why it's important for you to contact your insurance company after an accident, even if the accident was not your fault.

There are several types of coverage on your policy that may help you


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What should I do with my car after an accident?


Clayton Allen, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney


Regardless of whether or not you have been severely injured, there is always much confusion regarding what happens to your car after an accident. You may be asking yourself some of the following questions.

Should I contact my insurance company? Should I contact the other drivers' insurance company? Where do I take my car to have it repaired? What should I do if I was injured in the accident?

Attorney Clayton Allen answers these questions and others surrounding what to do about the damage to your car after an accident.

1. Contact the other persons insurance company

If you were not at-fault in the accident, contact…

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GM Recall from an Employee’s Perspective

James Mick

Allen & Allen is currently investigating claims for people who were injured or killed in accidents involving GM vehicles that were recently recalled due to defective ignition switches. If you or a loved one were injured in an accident involving one of those vehicles, please contact us today for a free consultation at 866-388-1307. 

Author: James Mick "Jamie" Kessel, Short Pump Virginia, Personal Injury Lawyer

The GM recall has had far-reaching consequences, but for some GM employees the consequences have hit closer to home. A recent blog article sheds light on the timeline of the GM recall and the whistle-blower who first identified the faulty ignition switch that has been linked…

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