When to Use Headlights in Virginia


Author: Ashley T. Davis, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

When are drivers required to illuminate their headlights?  In Virginia, drivers are required to use headlights at night, during inclement weather conditions, and whenever the vehicle’s windshield wipers are in use.[1]

Drivers must use headlights at night.  Virginia does not specify the exact hours that headlights should be used.  Instead, the law requires drivers to use headlights from sunset to sunrise.[2] Drivers must use headlights during poor weather conditions.  The law states that headlights must be used at any time that rain, smoke, fog, snow, sleet, insufficient light, or other unfavorable atmospheric conditions reduce…

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Meet the Attorneys of Allen & Allen: Ashley T. Davis - VIDEO


Ashley Davis is the research and writing attorney for Allen & Allen. She joined the firm in 2014 to serve as a resource for our entire team of trial attorneys. Ashley's support role is incredibly important, particularly in dealing with the large and complex personal injury cases that the firm handles.


Prior to joining Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, Ashley spent 10 years representing large corporations and insurance companies. Her time spent representing defendants gives her an inside understanding of the legal arguments that are raised by insurance companies and ultimately helps her to better serve the needs of Allen & Allen clients.

Ashley serves as an adjunct professor at The University of Richmond's…

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The Dangers of Bounce Houses

Ashley Davis, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Ashley T. Davis, Esquire, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

The number of children who are injured in bounce houses is on the rise. According to a recent study, bounce house-related injuries jumped 1,500% between 1995 and 2010.[1] In 2010, there were 31 children treated in emergency departments every day – about one child every 45 minutes.

The study found that nearly 62,159 children were treated in emergency rooms throughout the United States for bounce house-related injuries from 1995 to 2010.  More than half of these injuries (55%) occurred between 2005 and 2010. In the last two years of the study (2008 to 2010), the rate of injuries more than doubled. More than half of the children…

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Safe Driving - Tailgating

Author: Ashley Davis, Esquire, Personal Injury Lawyer, Richmond Virginia

Tailgating is when one vehicle follows very closely behind another vehicle.  Tailgating is dangerous because if the vehicle in front suddenly stops or slows down, the tailgater might not have enough time or distance to avoid a collision.  Tailgating is illegal in Virginia, and can lead to tickets, fines and jail time.[1]

The statistics are staggering.[2]  Last year, there were 121,763 reported traffic crashes in Virginia – 1 crash every 4.32 minutes.  According to the Virginia Highway Safety Office, 741 people were killed, and 65,114 people were injured.  In 2013, following too closely was identified in 28,345 (12.72%)…

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Are Liability Waivers Enforceable in Virginia?

Ashley Davis, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Ashley Davis, Esquire, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Liability waivers are everywhere.  If you have ever signed yourself or your child up for any type of recreational activity, sports team, physical fitness program or outdoor event, you have probably been asked to sign a liability waiver.  Liability waivers are usually located on the registration paperwork, sign-in sheet or entrance ticket for the activity, and are known by many names, such as:

Liability Waiver Waiver Release Disclaimer Indemnification Agreement Hold Harmless Agreement Assumption of Risk Exculpatory Agreement Assumption of Risk

Regardless of what they are called, most liability waivers require…

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Claims for Lost Earning Capacity in Virginia

Author: Ashley T. Davis, Esquire, Personal Injury Lawyer, Richmond Virginia

Being injured in an accident can be a devastating and life-changing experience.  With time, some accident victims are able to recover from their injuries and resume the life that they were living before the accident.  Others might not be so fortunate.

You might have heard that accident victims can seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.  But what if that is not enough?  What happens if you are forced to give up your job, because you are physically or mentally unable to do it anymore?   What happens if you have been forced to give up on your dreams and career goals,…

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