Mopeds, Scooters, Motorcycles, Bikes... Oh My!

Safety With Alternative Forms of Transportation

With the state of the economy and the rising cost of living, many people are looking to alternative forms of transportation in order to save money.  Among these include: motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and bicycles.  However, before you catch a ride on one of these vehicles, it is important that you catch a glimpse of these safety tips in order to have a safe ride.

Here are some general tips to consider when using alternative means of transportation:

Wear bright or reflective clothing to maximize your visibility at night. Wear a helmet designed with a hard outer shell and a retention system to protect the head and the brain in a variety of impacts. If your helmet…

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FOCUS GROUPS: An Important Tool in a Trial Attorney's Arsenal

How many times is a play on Broadway rehearsed before opening night? How many times is a scene in a movie shot before the final take? How often does the preacher practice his sermon on Saturday night? As grandma used to say, "Practice makes Perfect!"

So what does this have to do with lawyers and injury cases? A Broadway director wouldn't consider opening a play without a rehearsal. Brad Pitt wouldn't release a movie of first takes. No preacher would last long giving his sermon's first draft each Sunday. When a major case justifies the cost1, the trial needs more than one opening night. Instead of rehearsals, good lawyers use focus groups.

Focus groups arose from the creative minds of marketing…

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Quick Reference Guide: What To Do At The Scene of a Car or Truck Accident?

Click to download The Glove Compartment Quick Reference Guide: What To Do After An Accident.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is important to know what to do next. The Glove Compartment Quick Reference Guide has easy to follow steps and a place to log important information regarding the accident. Designed to fit conveniently in your glove compartment, the Quick Reference Guide will help guide you through the steps of what to do next if an accident occurs.

If you would like a hard copy of The Glove Compartment Quick Reference Guide, click here to request one. Please provide your mailing address with your request.

What To Do After An Accident:

1. Stop - If you…

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Ride Safely - Bicycle Safety Tips

Author: Elizabeth M. Allen

People of all ages, from kindergartners to retirees, are riding bicycles for exercise and pleasure. The increase in cycling across Virginia brings with it an increase in bicycle accidents. No one wants to be involved in an accident of any kind.  Unfortunately, however, bicycle accidents, especially those involving motor vehicles, are likely to cause serious injuries to the bicyclist because he is not protected inside an automobile or truck. As a result, traumatic brain injuriesare not unusual nor are broken bones.

How To Avoid A Bicycle Accident:

Follow the "rules of the road". These are your state's traffic laws and regulations, and they apply to bicyclists as…

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The Nation's Health Care Debate: Medical Negligence - The AAJ Reports

Introduction by Attorney Malcolm P. McConnell

American Health Care, like American Justice, should be the envy of the world. We can attain this goal, but only if we base our decisions and our policies on facts. We must also be guided by traditional American values, to seek the best possible medical care for the greatest number of people, while zealously protecting the legal rights of all citizens, especially those who are innocent victims of wrongdoing. Some politicians want to limit the compensation of medical malpractice victims, wrongfully claiming that further injuring and victimizing innocents will improve health care for all of us and reduce costs. The attached Primer on Medical Negligence will give…

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Virginia's New Smoking Ban

Author: Attorney J. David Douthit

Effective December 1, 2009, smoking in many public places, including most Virginia restaurants, will be prohibited by the Virginia Indoor Clean Air Act Va. Code Title 15.2, sections 15.2-2820 through 15.2-2833). Governor Kaine signed the Act into law on March 9, 2009, after it was approved by both houses of the General Assembly. The Act bans lighting or smoking of pipes, cigars, cigarettes, or any other "lighted smoking equipment", in most Virginia restaurants.

The Virginia Indoor Clean Air Act does contain some limited exceptions. A restaurant is allowed to have "smoking area" that is structurally separate from non-smoking areas, is separately ventilated, and…

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Do You Need A Truck Accident Attorney?

If You Have Been Seriously Injured In A Tractor Trailer Accident, You May Need An Attorney.

Author: Attorney Elizabeth M. Allen

The odds are against you when you're involved in a collision with a semi tractor trailer. First, if you're occupying a car, riding a bike or walking, you're likely to be seriously injured or killed. Second, if the collision was caused by a truck driver or truck owner's negligence, you face an uphill battle to ensure that the negligent driver and his employer compensate you fairly for your damages including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Why? The truck driver and his company have an overwhelming advantage. They have decades of experience defending claims just like yours. They…

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Running Legal, Running Safe


Author: Attorney Christopher A. Meyer

As anyone who drives in Virginia has noticed, there has been an incredible increase in the number of people running or jogging on Virginia's roads. This is part of a national surge in running. For example there are now more than 400 different marathons in the United States, and some have 40,000 contestants.

All of those runners and joggers need to run, jog, and train somewhere. Most of them use the public road system to get their miles in. Many runners act as if the roads belong to them alone, and many drivers treat runners as they would a squirrel who comes onto the road in front of them. What is the law? Who really has the right of way and when?


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The History of Chesterfield County

Author: Attorney Tammy S. Ruble

Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen opened a branch office in Chesterfield County many years ago just a bit east of the intersection of Courthouse Road and Hull Street Road. As Chesterfield County grew in population, and as the population centers shifted, the time was right in 2009 for a move several miles west of the original location to a site near the intersection of Route 288 and Hull Street Road. The new office is located at the intersection of Mockingbird Lane and Hull Street Road, very near the busy Commonwealth Center shopping area and the neighborhoods of Brandermill, Woodlake and Ashbrook.

The geographical area that comprises Chesterfield County was being established…

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Deadlines in Personal Injury Cases

Author: Attorney Elizabeth M. Allen

Deadlines. They're a fact of life. We face deadlines for filing income tax returns, for filing health insurance claims, for submitting college applications, for renewing driver's licenses, and the list goes on.

Few deadlines are as important as those we encounter when we make a personal injury claim for damages against a negligent third party. Under Virginia law, if a plaintiff does not file his personal injury lawsuit and/or a required notice of claim within a prescribed time period, his claim for monetary damages will be barred forever. Period. End of case.

What are some of the most important deadlines you should remember?

• The Two Year Rule in a Personal…

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