Auto Safety & Seatbelts: Why use Safety Restraint Systems? Seatbelts can save lives.


Prevention of getting thrown form the vehicle (ejection) is one of the main reasons to use seatbelts. 1 Recently I had the opportunity to review accident reconstruction reports on the VCU Transportation Safety Training Center website. 2 One report reconstructs two multiple fatality crashes that occurred six days apart on interstate highways in Virginia. 3 Both crashes were single vehicle crashes, where the vehicles rolled over, involving out-of-state drivers who were transporting family members across the state in sport utility vehicles. Failure to use safety restraints (seatbelts) was a factor in ejection and/or death of some of the fatalities in each…

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INSURANCE INDEX DATA BASE SYSTEM: How insurance companies are using your personal information


Author: Egena T. Younger

You have been involved in an accident and are contacted by the insurance company. The adjuster requests your full name, address, date of birth and social security number. You feel uncomfortable providing such private information, but you are told that the information is required to handle your claim, or maybe you are told that it is required to properly issue your check upon settlement of your claim. No matter what the reason, this information is stated to be essential to the investigation and processing of your claim. So you give the adjuster the requested personal information.

What you don't know (and aren't told) is that this information is being put into a national…

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GIVING BACK: Public Service and the Allen Law Firm

Giving back and serving our communities is a deeply held value at the Allen Law Firm. When I joined the firm in 1996, I came with a strong Government and public service background as well as a commitment to giving back to the community that fit well with the Firm's values. For the first half of my career, I was an attorney in law enforcement, as a Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and also as a prosecutor (Commonwealth's Attorney in two different jurisdictions in Virginia). During the time since I joined Allen & Allen as an attorney, then made partner, and then was chosen as President, I have emphasized and expanded how the Firm could better serve our community.

Under my direction, I expanded the program…

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What do Nelson Mandela and Jerry Springer have in common?

Famous people that also happen to be law school graduates

There are many famous people in the world today, and with media, the internet and the other multitude of publications, we think we know everything there is to know about these people. However, there are a number of movies actors, television personalities, sports stars, well known politicians and musical entertainers who all have something in common that very few people realize. This common thread is that they graduated from law school. The following is a list of some of the most well known people that have received their law degrees and why they are well known.

1. Barack Obama, in 1988 he started law school at Harvard Law School. He became…

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"I Just Found Out I Had Cancer Five Years Ago, But My Doctor Never Told Me! Can I Sue?"

The Statute of Limitations in Medical Misdiagnosis

Author: Attorney Malcolm P. McConnell 

If you have cancer that has been allowed to spread and threaten your life because of medical negligence, the answer is "yes." But it may shock you to learn that, only a few years ago, the answer was "no." Until recently, your right to sue could expire before you even knew you had a case! How could something so unfair be the law in Virginia?

All claims for personal injury in Virginia, including medical malpractice cases, are subject to time limits. 1 Although each case can be different, the general time limit for filing an injury lawsuit in Virginia is two years after the…

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Be Prepared When Driving in Winter Weather Conditions

Author: Attorney Tammy S. Ruble

Virginia has already been hit with the first big snow storm of the season and, as I write this, another storm is pending. Winter weather brings with it opportunities for outdoor fun but also the potential for great danger. Whether you clap your hands with glee at the first falling snowflake or are huddled before the fire dreaming of Virginia Beach in July, a little preparation will help make the winter safer.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the meanings of the various weather warnings you might hear. A "winter storm watch" means a winter storm is possible. A "winter storm warning" means a winter storm is coming your way. A "blizzard warning" means it's time…

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The First 100 Years: My Grandfather's Influence

Author: Attorney Charles L. Allen

One hundred years ago, in 1910, my grandfather, George E. Allen Sr., a founder of this law firm, handled his first personal injury case. As a third generation family member of this law firm, I reflect back occasionally on the influence my grandfather and his legal career have had upon me. When I first began practicing law 25 years ago, attorneys and judges always spoke well of my grandfather. He was often cited as a shining example of professionalism who set a standard to which all successful attorneys should aspire. My grandfather was so passionate and committed about the practice of law late in his life when he wrote his memoirs he entitled the book The Law As A Way…

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After Market Tire Rims: Cash Buys Flash, but Will You Crash?

Are After Market Rims Safe?

Don't you love those flashy, huge rims that dress up cars today? Dubs, blades, speeds, spinners and twenties are beautiful and add personality that distinguish my car from the next guy who has the same make and model. 1

But those flashy wheels come with a risk. There have been many instances of after-market wheels collapsing or breaking causing serious car crashes. Rims available from suppliers other than your vehicle's manufacturer are after- market products, products not manufactured specifically for your vehicle. Wheel rims are typically forged or cast aluminum. For high stress applications like automobile wheels, aluminum is blended with other materials…

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Health Care Debate: Patients Rights to Seek Legal Recourse for Medical Negligence

Every year tens of thousands of people die due to preventable medical errors. The following web site emphasizes the importance of patients' rights to seek legal recourse. As trial attorneys, the lawyers of Allen & Allen have seen first hand how preventable medical errors have effected patients and their families. Learn more about the role of medical negligence in the civil justice system and current health care debate.


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Sovereign Immunity for State Doctors: When it is Good to be the King's Doctor


Sovereign immunity is the legal principle that the government (and its branches, departments, agencies and employees) cannot be sued or held legally responsible for their actions. This legal principle comes from the old English law that held the king was divinely chosen and therefore could do no wrong. As a result, the king could not be held accountable for his actions nor could his representatives. When the United States was founded, this principle of British law was adopted. Since early colonial times, however, the courts and congress have limited the original broad scope of this immunity, as have the individual states. However, except where limited by judicial decision or by law, the principle of sovereign immunity remains…

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