Keeping Kids Safe in Strollers and Baby Carriers


Author: Sandra S. Gregor, Fredericksburg, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Buckle up! That’s what researchers at the Center for Injury Research and Policy at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio are telling parents to do for their kids in strollers or baby carriers. A recent study shows that more than 17,000 children end up in the emergency room each year due to injuries involving strollers and infant carriers. And over a quarter of those injuries were concussions or traumatic brain injuries.

Most of the injuries occurred when a child fell out of a stroller or carrier, or when they tipped over. The researchers analyzed two decades of data from 1990-2010…

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Educating Teen Drivers and Their Parents During Teen Driver Safety Week

R. Clayton Allen, Mechanicsville, Va Personal Injury Attorney

Clayton Allen, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teen drivers ages 15 to 19. In 2015, there were 2,333 teen drivers involved in fatal crashes and an estimated 100,000 teens were injured. [1] In other words, an average of six teens die every day from motor vehicle injuries. This age range coincides with the age most Americans begin driving. However, a study determined that only 25% of parents engage in a meaningful dialogue with their children concerning the dangers associated with driving. [2]

Parents can help improve teen driver safety

Led by the National Highway traffic…

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Fire Prevention Week (October 9-15): Fire Safety Tips and Information

Ashley T. Davis, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Ashley T. Davis, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Fire Prevention Safety Week, the longest-running public health and safety observance on record in America, is this week with “Don’t Wait – Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years,” as its theme. [1]

Smoke alarms should be replaced if they are ten years old or older. To check the date of manufacture for your smoke alarms, remove them from the ceiling and look at the date on the back of the alarm. If the alarm is less than ten years old, put the alarm back on the ceiling. Otherwise, the alarm should be replaced. [2]

In keeping with the event, here are some tips and information…

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Cyberbullying: Information and Prevention Tips

Derrick L. Walker, Richmond, VA  Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Derrick L. Walker, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

For children and teens, cyberbullying is a danger that exists due to the rise of cellphones and social media sites. Research has shown that 84% of United States households own a computer and more than 90% of adult Americans own cell phones, 64% of which are smartphones with internet access. [1] As time passes these numbers are only increasing, which means that children have easier access to some form of electronic device that connect to the internet. While these devices can allow children to communicate with friends or read about topics that interest them, there can be negative consequences as well.


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The Importance of Child Passenger Safety Week

Charles L. Allen, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Charles L. Allen, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

There is no greater danger for children of ages one to thirteen than a car crash. No other type of accident injures and kills children at the same rate. To raise awareness about this issue and the tragic victims of car crashes, the third week in September has been declared Child Passenger Safety Week. Throughout the week, entities and organizations all over the country host informational meetings and safety inspections designed to keep kids safe on the road. [1]


One of the major points of emphasis for Child Passenger Safety Week is proper car seat use. Children below the age of five who are using…

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One of the Largest Data Breaches in US History May Affect You

James Mick Kessel, Richmond, Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

Author: James "Jamie" Kessel, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Lawyer

Equifax is one of three nationwide credit-reporting agencies that track and rate the financial history of consumers. The company gets its data from credit card companies, banks, retailers and lenders – often without you knowing. The information it has about you determines whether you get mortgage loans, credit cards, auto loans, etc. It is critically important personal and private information about you that can also allow someone else to create an account in your name or steal your identity.

In September, more than a month after the company discovered it, Equifax revealed that it had experienced one of the largest breaches…

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EpiPen Manufacturer Under Fire for Faulty EpiPens That Resulted in Patient Deaths


Author: Ashley T. Davis, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Just one year after a Congressional investigation regarding the skyrocketing price of EpiPen, a medical device used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions (anaphylaxis), the manufacturers of EpiPen are embroiled in yet another controversy.

On September 5, 2017, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent a warning letter to the Pfizer company that manufacturers EpiPen and EpiPen, Jr. auto-injectors (Meridian Medical Technologies, Inc.), regarding “significant violations of current good manufacturing practice requirements.”  [1]

The letter accuses Meridian of failing…

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Side Underride Collisions: Simple Solution Saves Lives

Edward L. Allen, Fredericksburg, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Edward L. Allen, Fredericksburg, VA Personal Injury Attorney

There is a growing movement in the United States to mandate tractor trailers install side guard rails to prevent deaths from “side underride collisions.” These crashes are some of the most gruesome of automobile wrecks, and they occur when a car slams into the side of a tractor trailer. While momentum carries the bottom half of the car beneath the trailer, the side of the truck plows through the windshield and smashes into the driver, possibly leading to decapitation. One such crash gained global attention in June 2016, when the first Tesla driver died while using the autopilot mode. The vehicle failed to recognize a white tractor…

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Parking Lots are Dangerous: Tips for Navigating Parking Lot Collisions

Kathleen M. Smith, Fredericksburg, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Kathleen M. Smith, Fredericksburg, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Parking lots are dangerous places for both pedestrians and motorists. Cars are pulling into and out of parking spots, drivers’ attention is diverted, customers are walking to and from their vehicles, designated travel lanes are not clearly marked, parked vehicles obscure sight lines and signage directing the flow of traffic is often inadequate. These factors create a veritable perfect storm for motor vehicle collisions. This article is intended to provide important guidance for people involved in parking lot accidents.

Most Parking Lots are on Private Property:

Most parking lots are located on…

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Do I Really Need Motorcycle Insurance?

Tara L. Umbrino, Stafford, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Tara L. Umbrino, Stafford, VA Personal Injury Attorney

The short answer is YES!

Motorcyclists are some of the most vulnerable people on the road. Unlike a passenger in a car, a motorcyclist doesn’t have a lot to protect him from the dangers of the road in case of an accident.  A passenger in a car has airbags, a seatbelt, and the frame of the car.  A motorcyclist has very little between him and the road – usually just a helmet and other protective gear. As a result, a person involved in a motorcycle accident is likely to have severe injuries and motorcycle insurance can help to protect the motorcyclist if he is hit.

Most auto insurance policies…

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