What Should Be In Your Winter Driving Safety Kit?

Charles L. Allen, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Charles L. Allen, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

What is a winter driving safety kit?

A winter driving safety kit is a collection of items that you can keep in your vehicle, to assist you if you are stranded or if your vehicle gets stuck in ice or snow this winter.   In the event of an emergency, a winter driving safety kit could be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a life-threatening situation.

What items should a winter driving safety kit contain?

Although the items that you select for your kit might vary, typical items include:[1]

A shovel A windshield scraper A small broom Water Non-perishable food A first aid kit including any necessary medications Salt…

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Who May Give Medical Causation Testimony in Virginia Courts?

David M. Irvine, Charlottesville, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: David M. Irvine, Charlottesville, VA Personal Injury Attorney

At the trial of a personal injury case, it is critical for the plaintiff to establish not only the nature and extent of her injuries, but also that those injuries were caused by the defendant’s negligence. Ordinarily this medical “causation” evidence is presented through expert opinion testimony of the physicians and other health care providers who treated the plaintiff following the incident.

Expert Witnesses at Personal Injury Trials

Most witnesses who testify at trial are permitted to state only facts and not opinions. However, the law of evidence permits witnesses with “specialized knowledge” which will assist the jury…

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Why Submitting Your Bills To Your Health Insurance Company After An Accident Is Always Important - VIDEO


Personal injury lawyer Bridget Long explains why it's important for you to submit your bills to your health insurance company after an accident.

Should I I use my health insurance when I’ve been in an accident to pay my medical bills?


One question I frequently hear from a new client is “should I use my health insurance when I’ve been in an accident to pay my medical bills,” the answer is always yes. One reason people may be confused about whether they should use their health insurance is because hospital or emergency room personnel may ask for the car insurance.

Why should I use my health insurance benefits after an accident that wasn't my fault?

You may not believe…

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People not Paperwork: Taking a Personal Injury Case to Trial


Author: Christopher J. Toepp, Fredericksburg, VA, Personal Injury Attorney

My goal in every personal injury case is to obtain full and fair compensation for my client(s). This includes their accident-related medical expenses, bodily injuries, pain, suffering, inconvenience, lost wages, and everything in between. I begin working toward this objective from the very first day I meet with someone who has been injured through no fault of their own, and I continue to work towards this goal until the case is ultimately resolved.

I believe that the details of my client’s life, both before and after their injury, are essential in determining what full and fair compensation means to their particular case.…

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Voluntary recall regarding cucumbers potentially contaminated with Salmonella


Author: Abbigale B. Fredrick, Richmond, VA Attorney

On September 15, 2015, the FDA posted a notice of voluntary recall regarding cucumbers potentially contaminated with salmonella. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), multiple states, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are investigating a multistate outbreak of Salmonella infections.

According to the CDC, epidemiologic, laboratory, and traceback investigations have identified cucumbers imported from Mexico and distributed by Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce as a likely source of the infections in this outbreak.

Additional reports are expected to come in, but presently, the CDC reports that 2 people have died, 91 of those…

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Computer Cars: An Easy Target for Hackers


Author: James Mick Kessel, Richmond, Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

Modern cars are the beneficiaries of massive advancements in technology and improvements to manufacturing, but improvements can sometimes create new vulnerabilities. When we think of hackers, we generally think of computers and smart phones, but the electronics inside modern cars are no less complex and are significantly more vulnerable to manipulation.

Cars today rely on a series of mini-computers scattered throughout their frame that control everything from dashboard lights to steering and braking. Many newer models have more than fifty of these computers that constantly communicate and make adjustments, and a failure by…

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Look Out For The Other Guy - Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage


With the economy constantly in flux, it’s easy to find ourselves looking over our shoulder for what comes next. What comes next could be an out of control car coming into your lane.

There's not much you can do to prevent a car crash caused by someone else, but there is a lot you can do to protect yourself from the consequences of being hit by an uninsured or underinsured motorist.


The health of the economy has a direct connection to the number of uninsured cars on the road. According to The Insurance Research Council, for each 1% increase in the unemployment rate, there is a resulting ¾% increase in the uninsured motorist rate. In 2014, the average number of uninsured cars on the road in the United States…

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How Long Will it Take to Recover? Factors to Consider in Virginia Personal Injury Cases


Author: Kathleen M. Smith, Fredericksburg, VA Personal Injury Attorney

The single most common question asked by new clients who have been recently injured in a motor vehicle collision is: “How long will it take to resolve my claim?” This is understandable. In the aftermath of an accident, many injured people amass significant medical costs, endure tremendous pain and miss time from their jobs. No one plans for an accident. The unexpected inconveniences of an injury are both frustrating and emotionally taxing. I understand that my clients want to resolve their personal injury claims and resolve their cases as soon as possible. Unfortunately, as each case is unique it is impossible to answer this question…

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Staying Safe While Running


Author: Danielle M. Bringard, Fredericksburg, Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

Since 1990, the sport of running has seen almost a 300% increase in participation with approximately 28 million people partaking in running events across the country in 2013. [1] Running has many health benefits that include improving health, boosting confidence, and relieving stress. [2]

However, in a recent study conducted by the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 4,735 pedestrians killed and an estimated 66,000 pedestrians injured in motor vehicle collisions in 2013. [3] Pedestrian deaths accounted for 14% of all traffic fatalities in that same study. [4] This translates…

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Tips for Driving Safely This Winter

Amy S. Whitelaw, Richmond Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Amy S. Whitelaw, Richmond, Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

Winter is almost here. Driving in bad weather can be a challenge, and before you know it, the roads will be covered with ice and snow.  Even here in Virginia, snow and ice can become a problem, especially when drivers are not prepared for or accustomed to these road conditions.  Weather related crashes can be particularly stressful around holiday seasons; in 2012, they accounted for 4 percent of traffic fatalities around Thanksgiving.[1]  On average, 58,000 people are injured every year in traffic accidents as a result of snow or sleet.[2]

Practice these good winter weather-driving habits to keep you and your family safe:


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