Allen & Allen Presents the 2017 George E. Allen Academic Scholarship Winners

2017 Scholarship Winner_tn

The Virginia personal injury law firm of Allen & Allen awarded the George E. Allen Scholarship to 15 deserving high school seniors on May 16, 2017 at an awards dinner at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. The law firm's Scholarship Program, now in its 26th year, recognizes students who have overcome significant obstacles or special challenges, while achieving high standards of community service and academic performance. Recipients this year come from throughout the state of Virginia, including: Richmond, Colonial Heights, Fredericksburg, Dayton, Broadway, Montpelier, and Ashland.

Congratulations to:


Kerry Akers Kayla Allen Destiny Dozier Gabriella Hines Kevin…

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Distracted Drivers: An In-Depth Look At This Danger On Our Roadways


Author: Courtney Allen Van Winkle, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

It’s the middle of lunch hour traffic. You’re driving from meeting to meeting, fitting in a quick bite as you go, and looking for a good song on the radio. You have every intention of being a courteous, law-abiding driver. Then your cell phone rings, or maybe you get a notification from an app. Should you check to see if it’s important?

We all have the best of intentions when we get behind the wheel of a car, but we may not realize how each distraction – glancing at text messages, turning around to settle a fight between the kids, or even eating lunch on the go - can impact…

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Three Things You Should Do After an Accident - VIDEO

Derrick L. Walker, Richmond, VA  Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Derrick L. Walker, Richmond, VA  Personal Injury Attorney

Car accidents can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. Often, drivers involved in collisions may not know exactly what to do, or they may be too overwhelmed or injured to think clearly right after an accident. But there are three things that you should absolutely do anytime you are involved in an accident. First, you should call the police; second, you should seek medical attention; and third, you should contact an attorney. Even if you think your accident was trivial or no one was at fault or you are not badly hurt, these three steps can help avoid complications down the line. By making…

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In Memoriam: George Edward “Ted” Allen, III by Linda Lipsen


Kind words from Linda A. Lipsen of American Association for Justice. 

The American Association for Justice In Memorial.


For more information read the "Tribute to Ted Allen" Reflections by P. Christopher Guedri, colleague and friend.

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Proper Medicine Dosing For Children

Bridget N. Long, Petersburg, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Bridget N. Long, Petersburg, VA Personal Injury Attorney

When children are sick, you want to do everything you can to make them feel better. However, giving your child the proper amount of medication can sometimes be difficult and confusing because the medication labels are unclear and do not match the dosing devices provided with the medication.  This is a problem, and the FDA has recalled some medications due to confusing dosing markings and additional markings that are unnecessary.[1]

It is not uncommon for young children to be accidentally overmedicated.[2] However, if you follow a few simple safety steps, you can avoid this problem and give your…

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Virginia Dog Owner's Responsibilities & "Leash Laws"


Author: Courtney Allen Van Winkle, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Owning a dog brings great joy but also great responsibility. Rarely does an owner want to acknowledge that their favorite pooch has the potential to harm someone. Many states have adopted state-wide laws, generally referred to as “leash laws”, regarding the responsibilities of a dog owner to control their dog.[1] 

In Virginia, there is a two-part system. First, there is no state-wide “leash law” but the law empowers local jurisdictions (cities, counties and towns) to adopt regulations concerning control of certain breeds of dogs or at certain times of the year. These local ordinances have the effect of law and are called “running…

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What Did the Defendant Tell the Insurance Company?


Author: David M. Irvine, Charlottesville, VA Personal Injury Attorney

In the days following an automobile collision, it is common for the at-fault driver to provide a recorded statement to his or her insurance company, describing how the incident occurred.  The insurance company can then use this statement in deciding how to handle the matter, if and when the not-at-fault driver makes a claim for damages sustained in the collision.

Once the injured party asserts his or her claim, the insurance company has no obligation to share the recorded statement of the at-fault driver, and typically it has no reason to do so.  This is the case even though the defendant’s account of the incident…

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Why You Should Avoid Posting Accident Details On Social Media- VIDEO

Amy S. Whitelaw

Author: Amy S. Whitelaw, Richmond, Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family across the globe.  You can share pictures or thoughts, update people on what’s going on in your life, or even follow the news.  But when you’re in a car accident, social media can make your personal injury claim more difficult.

If you're ever in an accident, you should avoid posting information about that accident or your injuries on social media. There’s very little you can do on social media that can help your case, but there’s a lot you can do to harm your case.  Social media can certainly complicate things but there are ways to protect yourself and…

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Medicare and your Personal Injury Case

Danielle M. Bringard

Author: Danielle M. Bringard, Fredericksburg, VA., Personal Injury Attorney 

More than fifty years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare into law.1 Today, Medicare provides coverage for about 55 million Americans.2 These include people 65 years and older and people of all ages with certain disabilities such as permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis.3

What types of Medicare exist?

There are four types of Medicare “health plans” that provide varying degrees of coverage.

Medicare Part A covers in-patient care in hospitals, and Part B covers doctors’ services…

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Help Your Teen Have a Safe Prom

W. Coleman Allen Jr.

Author: W. Coleman Allen, Jr., Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Prom is a right of passage. It is an institution in the modern teenager’s world. It is dramatized in movies and television. It is supposed to be the perfect night. But for some, Help Your Teen Have a Safe Prom Teen Dancingprom night is very different from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood interpretations.

Last prom season a high school senior was killed on his way home from a prom after party. [1] His friend was driving the car, crossed over the center line and collided with a truck.[2] The truck driver also died. The driver of the car was under the influence of drugs.[3] In another unrelated accident, a teen…

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