Warnings About Faulty Airbags Issued for 7.8 Million Vehicles

Robert C. T. Reed

Author: Robert C. T. Reed, Richmond, Va Personal Injury Attorney

On October 22, 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued warnings about potentially dangerous airbags in 7.8 million vehicles covering a range of models, including BMW, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota.[1]  The airbags at issue were designed and manufactured by Takata Corp. a Japanese parts supplier.  The issue appears to be that gasses in the airbag, which normally cause it to quickly inflate, may be altered in humid conditions and lead to an airbag explosion sending metal shrapnel into the passenger.  At least four people have been killed due to the defective airbags.[2]  This is anticipated…

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Virginia Lawmakers Issue Ultimatum to Guardrail Company

Jason W. Konvicka

Author: Jason W. Konvicka, Personal Injury Attorney, Richmond, VA

Readers Note: Allen and Allen is actively investigating cases involving injuries resulting from ET-Plus guardrail endcaps. If you or a loved one has been injured by a guardrail during an accident, you may need an attorney to represent your interests. Allen and Allen offers free consultations to potential cases. Call us at 866-388-1307.

Most of us probably take the guardrails by our highways for granted, but Virginia lawmakers are now saying that fraud and deception could have turned them into serious safety risks. In a letter to Trinity Industries (the maker of the endcaps on many of Virginia’s guardrails), the Virginia Department of Transportation accused…

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Rock Bottom: Floor Mat Recall Continues Worrying Trend for GM

Edward L. Allen

By: Edward L. Allen, Fredericksburg, VA Personal Injury Attorney

GM vehicles have been plagued with safety concerns and recalls over the past few months, and now another issue has appeared. A series of custom floor mats used in General Motors’ pickup trucks and SUVs have the potential to ride forward and dangerously interfere with the pedals. The floor mats were manufactured by a third-party company, Omix Ada, located in Georgia. The brands of mats involved include Cabela’s Custom Fit, Line-X Truck Gear, Rugged Ridge All-Terrain, and Tread Lightly. The mats were manufactured from 2009 to 2014 and fit almost all GM trucks and SUVs manufactured since 1999. The majority of the affected mats were sold through O’Reilly Auto Parts stores.[1]


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Do Texting Bans Work? The Effectiveness of Laws That Target Texting While Driving

Malcolm P. McConnell III

By: Malcolm P. “Mic”  McConnell, III, Richmond Medical Malpractice Attorney

Distracted drivers cause accidents every day. Many of these collisions result in serious or even fatal injuries on America’s roads and highways. Although many actions can take a driver’s attention off the road, texting while driving has become increasingly prevalent, especially among teenage drivers. As a result, many states have passed laws that impose fines on drivers who “text-and-drive.”

Delaware was the first state to pass such a law, which went into effect in April 2005.  Other states quickly followed.[1] Currently, 44 states ban drivers from texting while driving.[2] There are four kinds of texting bans:

(1) primary enforcement on…

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Tips for a Safe and Happy Halloween

Melinda H. South

Author: Melinda H. South, Richmond Personal Injury Attorney

Although Halloween is still several weeks away, decorations are already in the stores and preparations are getting underway. While Halloween is an exciting time for children collecting treats it is also an important time to address safety concerns so that everyone has an enjoyable experience. 

Costumes should be short enough so there is no tripping or falling hazard.  Any accessories to the costume such as wands or swords should be soft and have no sharp edges which may cause harm.  Using reflective tape on the costume and also on trick-or-treat bags improves the visibility of children to  motorists on the street.  The child’s ability to see where he or she is…

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Meet the Attorneys of Allen & Allen: Ryan E. Wind

Ryan Wind

Ryan Wind is a personal injury attorney who has committed his career to fighting for the rights of those who have been hurt due to no fault of their own. His desire to defend others is a direct result of his passion for helping people. Ryan’s competitive nature is an advantage for his clients both in the courtroom and in negotiations with insurance companies.

Ryan is originally from Tappahannock, Virginia where he attended Essex High School. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Mary Washington where he received his Bachelor of Arts in History. Ryan continued to the T.C. Williams School of Law at the University of Richmond to receive his J.D. magna cum laude.

Ryan practices out of the Mechanicsville, VA office…

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Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication: The Next Stage Of Roadway Safety

David M. Williams, Jr.

Author: David M. Williams, Jr., Fredricksburg Personal Injury Lawyer

The nation lost 33,561 people in motor-vehicle crashes during 2012.[1] In the wake of such staggering figures, the United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) is currently focused on vehicle-to-vehicle communication (“V2V”) as the next smart technology they hope will reduce fatalities and provide more roadway safety in America.

V2V communication allows cars to talk to one another and exchange important information like speed, location, brake status, and vehicle trajectory to warn drivers about impending crashes. It uses on-board dedicated short-range radio communication devices to transmit and receive…

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Working Together: The Importance of Maintaining Contact with Your Personal Injury Attorney

Sandra S. Gregor

By: Sandra S. Gregor, Fredricksburg Personal Injury Attorney

Motor vehicle collisions can be overwhelming. Aside from dealing with injuries sustained in the wreck, many people have to take time off work, go to numerous appointments with doctors, get their car fixed and deal with several insurance companies simultaneously. The constant phone calls alone can be exhausting. The attorneys at Allen and Allen help our clients sort through these complicated issues every day. It is important to remember however that hiring an attorney doesn’t solve every problem. Consistent communication is essential to the successful resolution of a personal injury claim.

At your initial consultation, your attorney and his or her staff discuss…

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Evaluating Dog Bite Claims in Virginia: The “One Bite Rule”

Egena Younger

By: Christopher J. Toepp – Fredericksburg Personal Injury Attorney & Egena Younger

Virginia is known for its rich history and traditions. Those roots stretch back to the founding of our county. For many residents, the Commonwealth’s past is a source of pride even as Virginia continues to grow, modernize and evolve. It is important to remember that some of Virginia’s laws have not evolved as quickly as our modern way of life.  One such example is the law that pertains to dog bites.

Historically, most Virginia dogs lived outside, roaming the streets unrestrained and with abandon.  Even today, there is no state-wide requirement that dogs be held inside a fenced yard or restrained on a leash while outside. Instead, the legislature…

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GM Website is Defective

James Mick Kessel

Author: James Mick Kessel – Short Pump & Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

The issues GM experienced with a number of its vehicles are well-documented, as is the fallout over how long the company took to recall the affected vehicles. As the months progressed and the recall grew to encompass millions of vehicles, GM began to to acknowledge that its initial response was lacking. As part of an effort to be more transparent about the recall and investigation process, GM developed a website to help consumers find out if the vehicles they owned were involved in the recall.

The premise behind the website www.gmignitionupdate.com/ sounds simple – entering the VIN of a GM vehicle would display whether or not that specific vehicle…

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