Purchasing a Car: Understanding Vehicle Safety Crash Ratings

Kathleen Smith (Llewellyn-Duncan)

 Author: Attorney Kathleen Smith, Personal Injury Attorney

It’s a common mistake to believe that because your vehicle is on a "Top Ten Safe Vehicles" list that it’s actually one of the safest on the road. However, not all lists and not all safety tests are created equal.

With so much inadequate and conflicting information, how can you determine which vehicles provide the best crash protection when you’re shopping for a new model?

Know the Standards

Although all vehicles on the market in the United States must comply with the minimum safety standards and performance requirements set forth in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), many experts consider these standards…

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I Was Injured in a Hit-and-Run Collision: What’s Next?

Abbigale B. Fredrick, Richmond, Virginia Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Abbigale Fredrick, Personal Injury Attorney

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be an overwhelming and frightening experience, even when the other driver acts lawfully[1] and stops to exchange information with you. But what about the driver who hits your car and then drives away? 

If you are the victim of a hit and run accident, you may be feeling helpless and confused about your rights and responsibilities. The advice of an experienced attorney can help you understand your rights and seek justice from an individual who hits your vehicle, causes you injury, and then flees the scene. 

There are some simple steps you should take immediately if you are involved in…

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Big Kids, Boosters, and Back Seats: How This Simple Combination Can Prevent Serious Injuries in Motor Vehicle Collisions

Courtney Allen Van Winkle, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Courtney Allen Van Winkle, Personal Injury Attorney

If your children are anything like mine, they start insisting they are far too old or too big to ride in a booster seat when, in reality, they’re still too small to ride safely without one.

“But my friends don’t ride in them,” and “I’m not a baby anymore,” are common arguments that kids love to use to try and sway a parent’s judgement. Some booster seat manufacturers may even pressure parents further by labeling their product as only necessary for children up to a certain age or weight. After hearing these points often enough, you may be tempted to believe them. Here’s the catch: no specific age or weight limit can measure safety benefits…

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What You Need to Know About Winter Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Danielle M. Bringard, Fredericksburg, Virginia Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Danielle M. Bringard, Fredericksburg, Virginia Personal Injury Attorney

Winter has arrived, and with it comes the chance of snow and ice.  With snow and ice present, there becomes an increased likelihood someone will slip and fall. 

Ordinarily, landowners have a duty to make sure that their property is safe, and to warn visitors about hazardous conditions (like snow and ice) that exist on the property.  If the landowner fails to do so, and someone is injured as a result, then the injured person could file a “premises liability” claim against the landowner.  This is commonly known as a “slip-and-fall” case.  However, not every “slip and fall” on snow or ice gives rise to…

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The Hazard of Black Ice and How it Might Impact Your Personal Injury Case

Richard C. Armstrong, Charlottesville, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Richard C. Armstrong, Charlottesville Personal Injury Attorney

Winter weather poses many challenges for drivers, and perhaps the most dangerous of them all is black ice.

What is black ice and how is it formed?

Black ice is a slippery, hard-to-spot, and potentially deadly road hazard that can be found anywhere that cold temperatures and precipitation mix.

"The biggest danger [with black ice] is that you are at the mercy of your vehicle and the ice until your car passes over it," said Julie Lee, vice president and national director of AARP Driver Safety.

Black ice is particularly an issue in Virginia where the weather may be too warm for snow, but the ground temperature…

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Is My Private Nursery or Day Care Liable for Injuries to My Child?

James Mick

Author: James Mick "Jamie" Kessel, Richmond Personal Injury Attorney

Before enrolling your child in a day care or private nursery, you may have some very important questions. Placing your children in someone else’s care takes a lot of trust, so one of the questions you may be asking is, “Is my private nursery or day care liable for injuries to my child?”

Child care center operators are held to high standards.

First and foremost, the people who care for your children have a responsibility to keep them safe and healthy. To this end, child care center operators are covered by certain regulations. For example, day cares are supposed to hire trained and competent staff, as well as to screen…

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Five Early Warning Signs of Diabetes You Shouldn't Ignore

Scott D. Fitzgerald, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Scott D. Fitzgerald, Richmond Personal Injury Attorney

January means starting fresh with New Year’s Resolutions and a renewed focus on our health. Whether you are trying to eat healthier or exercise more frequently, it is important to be aware of your body and any warning signs that something could be wrong with your overall well-being. 

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes both produce seemingly innocuous symptoms that can go unnoticed for a long time if you are not paying attention. Type 1 diabetes is a disease where the body’s immune system attacks healthy cells and the pancreas stops producing insulin. Insulin gathers energy from the food you eat and regulates the levels of sugar in…

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Tips to Keep Students Well During Flu Season

R. Christopher Jones, Petersburg, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: R. Christopher Jones, Petersburg Personal Injury Attorney

During these frozen months of winter, the risk for catching the flu is at its greatest. While many people believe that getting sick is caused by the drop in temperature during winter, cold air is not the real enemy. The reason sickness runs rampant this time of year is because we shut ourselves inside, giving germs and viruses the chance to spread much faster and easier from person to person within the confines of school, the workplace, or home. 

You may notice that your coworkers are absent and that the warning notes from school about spreading sickness have piled up. Though illness is a concern for everyone, younger children…

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Why Being A Good Patient Is Important For Your Recovery

Charles Littlepage Allen, Richmond Personal Injury Attorney

 Author: Attorney Charles L. Allen

Many people who are injured in auto accidents fail to realize the importance of their relationship with their medical providers. As in any relationship, poor communication can create problems. I stress to my clients the need to be a "good patient", and it is advice that any injured person could benefit from.

Being a good patient requires three things:

You must keep your medical appointments. Be on time so you don't waste the doctor or other health care providers' time, and so you are not rushed or distracted when you see the doctor. You want the doctor to be fully focused on your health problems, and not irritated that you arrived late…

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Important Documents to Update and Organize for the New Year

David M. Williams, Personal Injury Attorney

Author: David M. Williams, Stafford Personal Injury Attorney

Whether you want to make annual tax preparation a breeze or you’re preparing for an emergency, having an up-to-date set of important documents neatly filed and stored in a safe place is a great way to start the year off right.

The number of documents needing attention may seem overwhelming at first, but they can be easily tackled when sorted into groups and reviewed a few at a time.

These steps provide a simple plan to help you get started:

Build a Comprehensive List of Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers

This may seem like an odd or unnecessary first step, but a list of resources could be an invaluable tool…

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